portable headphone amp with APT-X
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Nov 22, 2008
I've been using Nokia essence Bluetooth headphones for a while now with modded custom tips. They are quite ok for commuting and exercising, but difference is quite noticeable when I put on real headphones at work or at home, so now I'm looking for alternative setup. I've grown fond of the bluetooth setup, since with regular setup I always have to be careful when putting the phone in the pocket and taking it out so it doesn't unplug (I fiddle the phone a lot) and in any case it's always getting stuck or tangled and giving microphonics.
So now I'm looking for upgrade. I was thinking of taking the leap and buying Westone ES5, but I'd like bluetooth receiver to go with it. There doesn't seem to be much selection though, since apt-x is pretty much requirement. Only ones that I can find that include it and have clip to attach to the collar are http://musemini.com/lynkup/ and http://www.samsung.com/my/consumer/mobile-devices/accessories/accessories/BHS3000UBECXME?subsubtype=bluetooth-solutions neither of which seem very impressive. Alternatively could attach proper headphone amp after that, but then it's just getting cumbersome again. Not sure if the ES5 would need it, but certainly would be happier to drive such expensive IEM with something more refined. Would be interesting to know how those would compare to playing straight from the phone (Samsung Note 2), mostly using Spotify.
Does anybody have experience or suggestions?
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I'm also very interested in the subject! PortaDiFerro, right now I'm sturying the list of Apt-X compatible sollutions that I found here: http://www.csr.com/technology-solutions/av/audio-products-powered-by-csr-aptx . If you find something please post back! Have a nice day!

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