Portable headphone amp with 2 headphone outs?
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Jul 2, 2010
I want to be able to lay down under the stars (with a girl) while we both enjoy some music out of some HD650s.
What portable amp will have enough power? Should I think about splitting the signal or are there portable amps with 2 outs?
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My Total BitHead from Headroom has 2 outs... but I don't know if it has the juice to run two 650's simultaneously.
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My Bithead has no trouble driving my HD600, as well as my Grado SR80i at the same time (as liamstrain said, there are 2 outs).  I know that doesn't account for much, since the HD650 is harder to drive than the 600, nevermind just a pair of Grados, but for what's it's worth, it sounds great with both.  
Sometimes if I need my 600s really loud I drive them through my Bithead as well as a Fiio E6, which gives it an extra boost of volume (and I find the E6, unlike the E5, does not decrease the sound quality, but does increase the volume).  I know it's a little silly, but I already had the E6 laying around, and it's cheaper than buying a more powerful portable amp.  Just something to think about.
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The iBasso PB2 can drive them easily and still portable but you need HP splitor with it.

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