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Portable closed headphones for $100USD - should i go wireless?

  1. aant
    Hi All,

    My Bayer DTX501P headphones died recently so i'm looking for something to replace them and hoping the community here can lend me a hand.

    I'm after a pair of portable closed headphones to use on my daily train commute. Main use will be listening to music (a mix of rock, electronic, R&B, hip-hop, indie). My criteria are:

    Budget: approx 100 USD but happy to go to 150 if need be
    - Closed
    - Portable. Should fold into a small footprint
    - Should sound better than my Beyers
    - Should isolate at least as well as my Beyers
    - Have a mic + buttons for Android phone
    - Detachable cable
    - Should be relatively lightweight (e.g. found the Audio Technica M50X too big and heavy)

    I was tossing up between the Beyer Custom Street, Noontec Zoro HD II, Noontec Zoro HD and Philips Fidelio F1 but after talking to some friends am now considering Bluetooth.

    For about USD100, the AKG Y50BT and AKG Y45BT seem to get good reviews but i'm wondering how these sound compared to a good wired set like those above. Are there any other models i should be considering (both wireless and wired)?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  2. pbui44
    To satisfy you and your friends, there is the Sony MDR-ZX780DC and hard-shell case. The case is on Amazon AU, but see how much the ZX780DC would be to ship for Australia:



    pick one headband cover for a more comfortable feel or stealthier look (US is cheaper than AU):



    and for those long flights, get a solar battery back that is around the corner from you:


    With all of the accessories and shipping from different places, the grand total from all of the above exact links should be around $150 USD.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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