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Portable and Stationary Computer Setup for Audez'e LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pessimistic, Feb 11, 2011.
  1. Pessimistic
    Hello; I'm trying to compile a setup that can be used stationary with a laptop and portable(aggressive skating) with an iPod or COWON J3.
    Laptop(optical output) -> CORDA STAGEDAC -> CORDA CONCERTO -> Audez'e LCD-2
                                                                                     -> Swan M10
    iPod or COWON J3 -> ALO audio Rx Mk2 -> Audez'e LCD-2
    I think I'm missing a DAC for the portable setup. The stationary setup should perform fantastically, but I'm worried about the portable setup.
    I listen to:
    Massive Attack
    The Mars Volta
    At the Drive-In
    The Knife
    The National
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Mouse on the Keys
    Mutated Forms
    Josef K
    Groove Armada
    Hot Chip
    Aesop Rock
    the list goes on and on...
    I enjoy the sound of all drum and bass, and math rock guitar. I listen to some classical, but I don't want a setup catered to it.
  2. matthewh133
    Let me get this straight.. you want to use the LCD-2 as a portable while....... skating?
    I hope to god this is a troll.
  3. fabriciom
    Agressive skating...

  4. Pessimistic
    Well... I'll be riding aggressive skates, but I won't be doing any tricks that would lead to a fall while using the LCD-2s. I'd wear the LCD-2s while on joy rides or going from my dorm to class, grocery store, etc.
  5. matthewh133


  6. Pessimistic
    Would FLAC files through a COWON J3 -> ALO audio Rx Mk2 -> Audez'e LCD-2 be sufficient or do I need a DAC?
    The COWON's codec seems to support:
    Audio sample rates: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz generated internally from master clock
    My music is 44.1kHz CD rips and 96kHz vinyl rips.
  7. fabriciom
    I personally would not like to be seen in the street with a pair of LCD2 on. Those things are ugly ass hell and on the other hand you are talking about $1.000 worth of sensitive equipment. Do as you like but that seems like a really dumb idea.
  8. matthewh133
    Pessimistic, assuming this is not a troll (which it may well be), taking an LCD-2 as part of a portable rig while skating (or doing anything outside) is an extremely stupid idea. First off, they are very large and heavy. Secondly, they are open headphones and leak a lot of sound, and don't block any out. Thirdly, you'll look like a complete fool. Fourth, they may well fall off and you'll ruin them. These headphones aren't made to be worn while outdoors, especially on skates.
    I could give you more reasons why this idea is stupid, but I'll stop myself there and let you ponder it for a while.
  9. Pessimistic
    Well, I haven't tried them/seen them in real life yet since I'm still in the planning stages and busy. People complain of them being like vice grips and they're over-the-ear so I thought they would stay on. If they're too heavy I wouldn't want them in my stationary system; I need something that's not fatiguing. I need over-the-ear headphones that can be used while I do the laundry and go on joy rides so I don't get bored to death. I want to use the same pair stationary and portable. I like to roller blade around, look at he sky and listen to high quality music; it's an enjoyable experience.
  10. matthewh133


    They are huge and very heavy compared to most headphones so they are not good for what you are looking for. If you were willing to fork out a grand on the LCD-2s, I'd look at getting something for the outdoors and portable such as:
    Then get something a bit larger and nicer for home.
  11. Pessimistic
    Laptop(optical output) -> CORDA STAGEDAC -> CORDA CONCERTO -> Audez'e LCD-2
                                                                                     -> Swan M10
    Does this setup seem good for the music I listen to? Thank you for the advice! I'll also try to demo the Beyerdynamic T1 before I take the plunge. The Swan M10 is for movies/dancing with people in my dorm hahaha.
  12. fabriciom
    Laptop soundcard with LCD2???? what a waste...
  13. Pessimistic


    Pretty sure the sound card doesn't matter if I'm going optical out through a DAC.
  14. matthewh133


    That's correct. If you're going through the DAC you're bypassing the sound card in your laptop. The LCD-2 is a fantastic headphone for pretty much any genre, so you can't go wrong there. The TMA-1 seems to be an excellent portable headphone, and also looks good so you don't look like a dork wearing them out.

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