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Jan 24, 2014
So im looking for some new portable speakers to be able to take with me to the beach or outside in our yard.  I was looking at the UE megaboom which is a little higher for my budget, but i would spend the money if it mean i was getting something with good sound.  
I would rather get the megaboom over the regular boom.... I was also looking at bose, but thought i should ask and look around.
SO what are the best portable speakers or what should i look at for great sound and portability, and something that everyone can listen to music with.  
If it makes much difference, I will be using it to play mostly apple music or spotify premium.  Eventually i will invest in lossless.
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I wouldn't worry about investing in lossless music for a bluetooth speaker. Speakers small enough to be portable are a compromise on sound quality.

For use outside, I would privilege volume over SQ if having to choose between the two. For me, having a speaker outdoors is more about being able to hear it well than for critical listening since I'm usually engaged in doing something else.

For ~ $100, I like the Sharkk: http://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Bluetooth-Playtime-High-Def-Computers/dp/B00ES2BQ7M/. I agree with the reviews on Amazon. It easily competes with any of the < $100 bluetooth speakers I have heard. Gave one to my son and he loves it.

I have a JBL Charge (first gen) which gets louder than the Sharkk, and comes with a nice neoprene case. I didn't think the UE Boom was significantly better in sound quality, so I went with the Charge. First gen Charges are on close out since JBL came out with the Charge 2, so you can get one for $100: http://www.amazon.com/JBL-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker/dp/B00BNIO6G2/. Note that it broadcasts sound better when standing up rather than on it side (which I think is generally true for that cylinder design).
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ok cool, and thanks!   
yea i wasn't looking for something with "the best" sound, but i didnt want something that was gonna sound distorted if i turned it up.  Good links though.  I will definitely look into those.
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ok cool, and thanks!   

yea i wasn't looking for something with "the best" sound, but i didnt want something that was gonna sound distorted if i turned it up.  Good links though.  I will definitely look into those.

Glad that helps.

The Sharkk really does sound as good as almost every other <$100 bluetooth speaker I tried if you want something inexpensive. It's not hype that it has over 2400 Amazon reviews and 4 1/2 star rating. The only one that I thought sounded better for under <$100 (I tried about a dozen), the Soundfreaq, was not very portable at all (much bigger, required proprietary wall wart, and would not play at full volume in battery mode). I got the Charge after I got my son the Sharkk. The Charge does get louder. Better sounding than the Sharkk? To my ears, a bit, but not momentously so. The Sharkk has a bit more of a v-shaped sound that digs just a bit deeper in bass extension. The Charge a bit more mid centric--which is good for outdoors when your bluetooth speaker is many feet away:)

I also have a TDK A33 which definitely gets louder than the Charge. But not as portable. Bigger and noticeably heavier (for example, not something you'd want to just carry around all the time in a backpack if you had the space in a bag just in case you needed it), and it requires a proprietary wall wart (instead of micro USB like most others). I caught it for $65 shipped on a Woot special, but I wouldn't recommend it for portable use over the Charge for it's current price because of the ac adapter, size, and weight. The Charge supposedly has better battery life (but I have not tested that).
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definitely will try it out.  I mean $60 right now doesnt sound too horrible compared to the $300 i wanted to shell out for the UE's.  The only thing about some of those things are whether those amazon reviews and "purchases" are legit.  I had trouble with one company saying that had a great product, with hundreds of positive and "legit" purchases, but all those people apparently had legit purchases and positive feedback on a lot of the same items.  (kinda like these people would buy the same products and rate them all 5's)
I just caught on because it seemed like every day there were 3-4 positive ratings for the item and i figured that was a lot of people buying them at once.  
anyways, im ranting. 
ill probably get one for outdoors/ portability, and then keep my headphones for myself.

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