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Portable amp that will power sennheiser hd800 at full potential. At least something that is small enough to carry.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by dobrescu george, Nov 2, 2014.
  1. Dobrescu George
    I need a portable amp that will be enough to power hd800. I have the money to buy hdvd800, but i need to be able to take it with me when i am traveling. I am not listening at hd800 in noise, or anything, but i am traveling a lot, and i am taking my things with me, mostly in a Backpack like asus ROG backpack. so i need an amp, that, if it cannot be portable, i mean usable as portable, to be small enough to carry around.
    Some ideeas my me were fiio e12... they seem small enough to be packed in a pocket of a backpack.
    worthy to mention, i think is that i can get marley m2tech at 25% discount, due to a sell, but i am not jumping on it because it is a little too big for my needs and a little too heavy...
    In the same backpack i am puting the amp i will have my laptop, 17", i will have a rat9 mouse, a keyboard, my fiio x5, and an external hdd... so i want something not too big.
  2. maricius
    What's your budget? I don't think a portable rig will ever bring the HD800 to full potential but I've read about great pairings with the Chord Hugo and iFi Micro iDSD. 
  3. Dobrescu George
    consider that my budget is not relevant.
    I was trying to spend as less as possible... say, if i will be using hd800 wi with fiio e12, how much i would miss? i mean, it would be night and day, or just a little?
    i have the money to get chord hugo, to be short, but i would rather not. it would cost me say posponing my car purchase.. i mean that i am going to get a car that costs a little more than chrod hugo... i will not spend a lot on a car. just my phylosophy.
    i am going to listen to the combo before buying, but i am asking as i would preffer to know what i am looking for when i will be demoing.
    i would be willing to spend only on audio like, the most expensive amp i would get, if the differences would be worth, woo audio wa5. but i cannot get it if i cannot carry it around.
    If you look at it from my perspective, even if i am going to travel with my own car, in my country the roads are bad, so i cannot just put something like wa5 in truck, and then drive through holes in the road. it will arrive broken at my home..
  4. maricius

    I'd suggest a portable tube amp like the ALO Continental V3 or maybe the GoVibe Portatube if you'e looking for an amp only. The E12 with an HD800 is rather… well… I didn't like it with my music. If you're willing to go into DAC/amp territory, the Micro iDSD although having slightly inferior technicalities to the Chord Hugo, is said to have better synergy with the HD800 with a slightly warmer tone with a more full bodied sound. You can use the coaxial out of your Fiio X5 to connect to the Micro iDSD. It's being sold for $500.
    I use mine sometimes with the Vorzuge Pure II. Nice review on Headfonia.com.
  6. rolandpsp
    Anyone tested both micro idsd and vorzuge pure II or any other TOP headphone amp with the HD800 ? Please PM !
  7. GloriousLettuce

    Google it, there are many threads mentioning how ifi ican works wonders with hd800/hd800s
  8. bluebair
    Ive heard the woo audio wa8 eclipse with the hd800, and its amazing. I have the ifi micro black label currently, and with bass boost its definitely great for the hd800, but the wa8 ecplise was a lot better imho

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