portable amp that sounds the closest to non-portables
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Nov 9, 2007
i need to clear up some space of my desk which is taken up by gilmore lite with dps and diyeden usb dac.
i am planning on getting rid of my gilmore lite with dps and buy a portable amp. i also wont mind getting rid of the diyeden if i get a portable amp that has a usb dac in it. (please dont tell me to get more space or something. i have my personal reasons for clearing up space)
so in your opinion or experience, what is the portable amp that sounds the closest to a full desktop amp?
i've read that predator sounds very like full desktop amps. also read good reviews on pico and corda 2move.
budget: $1000 source: laptop headphones: hd600
any suggestions and/or opinions will be greatly appreciated.
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I have a Predator and an expensive home set up and the Predator sounds as good or better, and I find myself never using my home stuff cuz it is so nice to be able to move around. The sound quality is amazing and it is super tiny, I mean it makes the Hornet look big!!

Also I have heard the Pico and felt the Predator was way better. More high end sounding, less digital, better bass slam, it just sounds so good and just expensive sounding you know, just smooth, and clear with tremendous bass slam. The Pico I found to be harsh, digital sounding, like the dac is too resolving almost... hard to explain.

It just sounds better than anything I have heard. Also the batter life crushes the Pico as well at 60 hours compared to 25 or so.

Hope this helps, trust me for 475.00 you can't go wrong and as Ray is a smart bussiness man there is no waiting around crap to get his amps, or waiting lists, or not getting your amp for a year etc. like I have heard with other amp makers, he is also light speed fast at fixing his amps, if ever something were to happen.

Can you tell I like this amp?? HA HA!!
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Originally Posted by jchristensenlovesaudio /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have a Predator and an expensive home set up and the Predator sounds as good or better


Depends on what type of home amps you have.. but I doubt the predator can come even close to Gilmore Lite, Bada PH-12, and other good amps in 500$ range.

There is a huge thread about this already so I won't say much more.
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If you already have a DAC, this one always looked like a great concept to me:


Full power supply for home, battery back-up for travel. Anybody heard one of these?

Two possible problems: I'm not sure it would take up a lot less desk space than your Gilmore Lite; aesthetically...well, it looks better from the back. Shallow point, I know, but I don't get why they feel compelled to silk screen an entire brochure all over their amps. It's not attractive.


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