Portable amp for Shure SRH840: iBasso T4? Others?
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Nov 28, 2002
What are people's opinions on using the iBasso T4 with the SRH840s (and a Sansa Fuze to complete the picture)?

I'm loving the smoothness, detail, and mids of the SRH840 unamped, but finding bass impact lacking (even with the wonders of the Rockbox EQ system -- I can increase the bass presence, but impact-wise its still too polite). From what I've read, this is where an amp comes into play. I'm interested in something inexpensive (the further below $200 the better) and small, with a dedicated battery, that still makes a marked improvement when it comes to bass impact (and in no way diminishes the rest of the sound quality).

Would the T4 serve me well there, or is it too underpowered to make much of a difference? Would the D2+ or upcoming T3 be better candidates? For that matter, will any portable amp change the character of the SRH840's bass in the way I want?
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I'm also interested in the exact thing...I have the same Shure's coming tomorrow, and will be using them primarily with a 2nd Gen iPod Touch. I'd be interested to hear what everyone thinks.
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I haven't exactly used the SRH840's but I can tell you that the T4 does make my Denon ah-d1001's sound amazing. I can literally hear a difference, those headphones aren't exactly "expensive either"

The bass boost on the T4 is not like BOOM, its more like a small thump added <-- which is good because I like it when the song flows
my next purchase will be the se530's
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To the OP, well that depends on what source you're using. I feel my 840s have got perfect bass and mid-bass. As a matter of fact I do know that it's quite subjective. But my little creative decoder fed from the optical out of MBP sounds amazing with great headstage/soundstage. I am not using any DSP effects either. Pure bliss...

And now I am thinking of getting an iBasso D10. I've tried it at the UK meet along with a D4 Mamba.
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Originally Posted by vkvedam /img/forum/go_quote.gif
To the OP, well that depends on what source you're using.

Oh, for sure. I'd be feeding the amp from the headphone-out of my Sansa Fuze, and potentially a Fuze LOD if the Rockbox devs end up finding a way to enable audio-out via the dock port.

At this point, I think I'll take a gamble on the T3 (it's on my Christmas list) to see what that yields.

Interestingly, I discovered the other day that a cable swap (exchanging the stock coiled cable with a low-cost Belkin straight cable connected to a lower-cost 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter) noticeably increased the bass presence and impact on both my SRH840 and SRH440. The result in both cases is a slightly boomier, slightly less refined version of the stock sound. I'm not sure the trade-off is necessarily worth it, but it was surprising to note the changes nonetheless. I am looking forward to hearing what the T3 brings to the stock cable configuration.
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so your saying that you can changle out a regular cable in place of the stock cable? It just won't have the twist lock thing. Thats great if that is!

Well, not just any cable. You need something like this for it to fit.
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Or else you could do something like I've done. I've cut the actual coiled cable [about 8 inches] and re-terminated the end with a 3.5mm Neutrik. Now I am using the cable which got supplied with my E500s. It's a good cable indeed.
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The Mini3 also adds a good dose of warmth and control for the SRH840 when I auditioned them at a local store. Bass still isn't that prevalent, but does have a nice punchy signature and better impact as opposed to straight out of an ipod. So that would be another good option...
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