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Portable amp for Etymotic hf3

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by ultimateanthem, Apr 10, 2011.
  1. Ultimateanthem
    After reading that I'd likely need an amp to get the most out of my etymotics I became quite skeptical of whether anything of the size I'd be willing to deal with would offer any true benefits. Please guide me as where to look. I'd love if it could realistically fit in a jean pocket. Budget= under 100 usd
  2. Frankie K
    You could check 2 amp's, the PA2V2 amp on EBAY (auction) and the Fiio E5, they do not have Dac's if You want that look at the Fiio E7. You could check the Forum site and go to For Sale/Trade.
  3. Marcus_C
    Have you got your hf3's yet? I suggest listening to them first, I don't think they need an amp at all, plus you'll lose the iphone compatibility using one.
  4. ronrad
    I just picked up a pair of hf3s on a lark. 
    My normal office setup runs a D10 cobra as a DAC / amp with a pair of ESW10jpn.   I don't have any burn-in and I'm not fully tested yet, but the he comparison between my nexus-s straight, vs my desktop optical -> d10 cobra is huge.  Not sure yet how much is the amp, or the dac.  I also have an ipad at home so I can try that out.  
    Eventually I need to do the Vodoo mod on the nexus-s and try it out.  But at any rate it has a Wolfson WM8994 as a DA so in theory it should be pretty good eventually :)
    So far the hf3s aren't even in the same neighborhood as the ESW10s, but they do sound quite good in a different way.
    The ESW10s have a lot fuller, more immersed sound, but the hf3s do provide a lot better isolation.  Also, they may be better for keeping focused on actually working, as the ESW10s tend to involve me and draw me in a lot more.

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