Portable Amp for AK120
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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has advice on an amp to pair with the AK120. I have been looking at the RSA SR71a , any advice would be appreciated .

What kind of headphones are you using? do you intend to use planars or some hard to drive headphone? 
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Hey guys , I should have given more details. The most difficult to drive headphones I have at the moment are the HD800. I'm working away from home for 6 months and got some HD800 for a really good price, and as they are sitting next to me without an amp, I thought I could use the ak120 as a dac from my MacBook Pro into a portable amp and setup a makeshift portable rig.
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OMG people, I can't believe my eyes... the LARGEST audiophile forum in the WORLD, and no single meaningful answer for 3 months.

MH01, you will be happier with me

I digged quite a heap of forums and here is the short list of the best(?) portable amps for AK120 / AK100:
CEntrance HiFi-M8 (LX configuration) - probably, the best choice at the moment.
Ray Samuels RSA-SR71B - also very cool amp with powerful output.
ALO audio Rx Mk3-B+ - also very frequent choice.
Ray Samuels Intruder - know little about it, but also recommended option.
Bispa PHPA 05B - they say AK120 sounds better than other top-grade players with it... (means Colorfly C4, HiFiMANs obviously)
FiiO E17 - cheap and questionable option for AK120 (but very good amp aside of A&K). You should listen to know the difference between this and 2-4 times more expensive amps (listed above).
I haven't heard any of these amps, but want to buy an amp in foreseeable future.
I highly recommend to listen first(c) before bying, if you have on opportunity.
Also, you should read recommendations from this thread:
why you need an amp for ak120, or.. why you need ak120 for getting an amp.. kind of wasting

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Maybe because it's a portible amp question posted in the full size amp thread.

Maybe because topic-starter wants portable full-size amp? LOL

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