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Jan 24, 2010
Just finished my portable amp shootout.  Took lots of notes and will be posting my review in a few days time.  
Fiio E11:  wonderful bang for your buck amp.  Slightly warm tone but very nice sounding.  Comes with case and interconnect. as an amp, its better than the D-zero but not fair since the D-zero has a DAC on it as well...but solely from an AMP stand point...its better.  50 sold
Ibasso D-zero:  Best bang for your buck as its a amp and a usb dac at its price bracket  Very versatile... great size...very portable.  has rubber dot feet.  has some very very slight blemishes but functions as it should. comes with interconnect..  It's around 130 new after shipping from ibasso................................... so price is 90 dollars
Ibasso T3:  Not a T3D.  Great form factor.  A little cold and analytical but great for details.  Amazing sound for such a small amp  has some very fine scratches...nothing deep.  Ever seen the back of an ipod... scratches are like that... pictures caught what they look like i believe.   comes with 2 usb charger cables since I had one before and it was stolen so you get two and an interconnect.  95 Sold!!!!
Leckerton Audio UHA-4:   I can honestly say this is probably one of the best amps i've tried.  AMP and DAC.  AMP is comparable if not BETTER than other amps that are more expensive!  Sound is amazing!  but as I'm not longer a basic science student that sits and studies for hours a day.... mostly running around the hospital.... not as much use for it.  If the form factor would just be more like most daps....this would be the BEST overall amp out there i believe.  160
Ibasso CB-07 Copper OFC Palics Plug LOD 25
Shipping will be 2.50 for first class mail with tracking.  5.50 will be usps priority mail with tracking for CONUS
International PM me and we can hammer out details
Paypal gift or add 3% for FEEs
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