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Well, there's only KFC in Seattle.

We do have a local favorite, Ezelle's Chicken. It's a bit more expensive than KFC but it's tastes more like home-made.

I LOVE Ezelle's! I go to Garfield, and went there nearly everyday for the first semester of last year. Now we're up at Lincoln, though.

Anyway, there's a Popeye's in Renton. It's pretty good, but it's only slightly better than KFC and does not compare to Ezelle's at all. Ezelle's is Oprah's favorite fried chicken, FYI.

Oh, and spicy Popeye's is bad for my stomach. And my toilet.
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do they deliver poutine?

KFC wont deliver LOL, but they do serve poutines. I thought poutines were a widely served thing now, and not just in Canada. Dont they server poutines in other countries enoguh now that it isnt considered a Canadian thing?
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Not to bash you because you are 100% right, but what kind of food do you eat? Just some examples? Do you have a professional kitchen so that making all this food is easier? Right now where I am living, in this ****** ass place, all I have is a hotplate and a frying pan and a toaster oven. I cant make the delicious healthy food that I should be making. I know half of what I am eating is crap but it cannot be helped.

Im wondering where you get recipes for the food you eat? What kind of food and all that sorts. It would be nice to hear what actual healthy eating is and how easy it is to make.

I definitely appreciate your position, because I am actually in the same one. I live in a 3-room apartment in the village, which doesn't even have a kitchen. I eat out for both lunch and dinner, normally.

In Manhattan, particularly the village area, there are lots of healthy options for very cheap prices. I go to a particularly nice vegetarian restaurant, which is right next to a tea house owned by none other than Moby. Both are delicious, healthy, and cheap. That's usually my lunch break.

Dinner, my favorite is Vietnamese food, or perhaps Indian. Most of the places are very cautious about using organic meat and are, again, quite cheap. Cheapness is the key for me, because I need to be able to eat as if I were eating at home. But I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have the health options that I do around my area.
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I LOVE Ezelle's!

Sweet potato pie...mmmmmmm

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