Pop-folk / Chalga & Other Balkan Music
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What the title says.

For purposes of this thread, "The Balkans" may include Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina and the other former Yugoslav states. And possibly a few other countries. Note there are already topics here for Romanian pop and Turkish music (though I will probably move most of my Romanian suggestions here, since that thread's not gettin much love). If you like what's posted here, then you may possibly like a few of the artists in the Turkish & Central Asian music topic.

Post as much as you want. But please put each video or audio track in a separate post to make thread navigation easier. And post only "official" content authorized or uploaded by either the artists or their labels whenever possible.

Chalga/pop-folk videos and songs are usually intended for adult viewers and listeners. And may contain some, or in some cases, a lot of explicit or adult content, much like hip-hop music. My "solution" to this problem is to post the more potentially offensive or adult material as a link, or audio-only track. Or just not to post the material at all.

Chalga and pop-folk are essentially the same thing. If you search for either one, chances are you'll get mostly Bulgarian music in your results. Some will argue though that the term "pop-folk" can be used as a catch-all for any similarly folk-inspired popular music in the Balkan region. I think the jury is still out on that. But based on my listening, there is I'd say, a certain "Balkan flavor" that permeates a good deal of the music in the region, including much of the popular and dance music, which is one of the reasons for creating this topic. Other types of Balkan music with a "pop-folk" vibe similar to Chalga include contemporary Greek Laika, Albanian Tallava, modern Romanian Manele, and Serbian Turbo-folk, among others. Probably more than you wanted or needed to know on the subject, but there you go.

Any type of Balkan music is welcome here though, including pop, folk, chalga, hip-hop, house, EDM, rock or whatever. I particularly like some of the asymmetric folk music in the region, so you may hear some of that here as well.

Comparison of old vs. new Manele (pop-folk) rhythms...

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There is one other thing I forgot to mention above. And it is that pop-folk is usually on the brighter side of the musical spectrum. So EQs, and volume controls should be adjusted accordingly. Ymmv, but imo this genre will probably sound best on headphones with some bass and warmth in the lower end versus those without.

My first track is by Maria and Costi, which is probably about as "Balkan" as it gets...

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Adriana went a little overboard with the lip plumper in some of her early vids. But I've always been a fan of her music, from the very beginning.
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Maria Petrova. Haven't seen anything new from her in awhile, so not sure if she's still in the biz. Hopefully she's just on a brief hiatus, and will be back at some point. This is on the brighter side of bright, but it is one of my favorite Maria P vids...


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