[Poor Man Reviews] Dunu's DN-2000
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Aug 9, 2010
  I don't really notice too much sibilance but I have it paired with a Fiio X3 which is a little on the warm side, so that may balance it out a little. I think if they are paired with a drier,more clinical source they may not sound ideal. As for extension above 16.5k, I don't think there is actually much musical info in that range with most genres anyway. 

My perception of sibilance is quite unusual actually. For example, I did not find the GR07 to be as sibilant as most people say they are. It is not that they are smooth like the XBA H3 or BA200, but the emphasis on the s's and t's dis not really hurt me as much as it did with the DN2K. I am sure the DN2K somehow managed to exaggerate sibilance due to the nature of my ear canal resonances.
If I leave the sibilance part though, it is an excellent iem, a true flagship. I tried ignoring the s's and t's for some time and then realized it is just not going to work.  
I too was using the X3 as a source. 
@thatonenoob: congrats for being featured on the cover page!!! I am sure we can see more excellent reviews from you in the future :) 
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Thanks everyone for the support!  I will try my best to continue bringing reviews to Head-Fi! 


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