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Poor Buying Experience with 'cuiter23' - BEWARE

  1. gibtg
    I purchased a set of Focal headphones from buyer 'cuiter23' and have had a bad overall experience - I did end up receiving the headphones but they don't match their description of them. On multiple occasions he broke his promises - I eventually settled on the fact that you can't believe ANYTHING he says, details below:
    My current set of correspondence with him dates back 30 days ago to this day. I will be forthcoming, I offered him $15 less than his asking price on Sept 19, he said his headphones "weren't even broken in yet" and "no different than brand new," so with this justification he declined my offer. Six days later he accepted my offer without any prodding from me. Upon accepting the offer he said that he would ship the headphones to me the next day from the united states to me in the united states. I paid him the same day as he accepted my offer, on Sept 25. On Sept 30th I received tracking information and it was mailed Canada Post, NOT domestic mail like I was promised. On Oct 8th I received the headphones, which were missing the original box, audio splitter, and carrying pouch - the headphones were mailed with their zipper case in a bubble envelope. His listing here on headfi clearly stated the headphones included all of their original accessories + the original retail box - well I've never received them and now don't plan on receiving them as he is now ignoring my private messages. He promised he would mail me the missing accessories but hence now, no response in the last week. I would like to have the retail box and carrying pouch especially as those are not easily replaced. The headphones are NOT BRAND NEW either, as the headband pad has lost its loft and the ear pads are visibly dried and starting to crack. Otherwise they are fine and did include their original cable - just with a bit more use than being lead on to have.
    His auction listing:
    So, if he says you will be getting new headphones, take that with a grain of salt, if he says they will be shipped promptly, think again, if he says they will include all the accessories, he may keep some, if he says they'll ship from the US instead of Canada they likely won't, if he says he will contact you the next day, be prepared to wait a week.
    Just want to make sure everyone is informed.
  2. Music Alchemist
    If you flag the PMs, the moderators can help you out.
  3. gibtg
    I appreciate the advice but unless the mods can reimburse me money there is really nothing they can do at this point. The seller has promised me the world and only delivered part of it.
  4. lin0003
    Open a dispute on Paypal. 
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  5. Music Alchemist
    You'd be surprised what they're capable of. Don't skip this crucial step!

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