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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. doublea71
    I think HiDef debates belong elsewhere, at least until some more information trickles in about what exactly the PONO is going to be, if it materializes at all...
  2. goodvibes
    I agree but it will be hard to get those that feel it's a waste to not add their opinion. We can take this off track discussing what should and shouldn't be discussed instead.[​IMG]
  3. reginalb
    Seeing as the whole point, the argument that is being made on behalf of the player, is that HiDef music is better, I think it belongs here more than any other player. Lots of players handle Hi-res now, but this one is being marketed around that being far better. So...have to agree to disagree here.
  4. Saraguie
    And that folks is the crux of the matter. I wonder if Neal would care to join the thread? Anyone know how to get him an invite?
  5. tds101
    I'm one of the "lossless is useless" types, but I'm hoping to be proven wrong with this new device. Lets see where this takes me,...I have to try new things to hear the beauty of it all. It's part of life's lessons,...we're all students till the end. I'll give no argument,...
  6. Achmedisdead
  7. Taowolf51
    I think what we really need is a revolution in recording, mixing, and mastering rather than bitrate. The recording and mastering is *so* important, but is overlooked by so many.
  8. goodvibes
    I don't think it's an either/or type issue. Both would be nice.
  9. Llloyd
    I can't echo this enough haha. +1

    What I really dont like, and why I'm skeptical of this player is that they haven't offered many specifics other than they're going to release 24/192 files.  That doesn't really mean anything to me on a portable player for the most part.  I'm assuming the hardware in this player is not going to have that level of resolution.  I wish they would talk a little bit about the hardware and technology they are developing for the PONO rather than just developing hype.  
    Hype is not going to get me to buy this product, and I'm skeptical as to whether or not they can make something that can compete with apple and more so that they are being a little over ambitious.  It's very hard to compete with what apples has going on.  Not only that, if you want the average person buying this player to have a good time(assuming the SQ is noticeably above mainstream players), it better come prepackaged with some nice headphones or a piece of paper that tells them to get nice headphones and even then, there are so many badly overpriced options for headphones out there, it's easy to make a bad purchase without a decent amount of information.
    That seems reasonable right? idk.  At least a lot of music will be released in 24/192 which is good for people who want that level of SQ.  As for me I use a redbook DAC, and I would rather get something nerdy like an ibasso dx100 or a HM801 before getting something like this.  I DO want it to succeed though.  It'd be really cool.
  10. doublea71
    I don't see how this could be cutting edge in any way - Neil's name will be associated with it, so non-hobbyists will probably think he's some sort of magician just because it uses high bit-rate files...the thing looks like Toblerone and Lego had a baby which doesn't exactly inspire confidence. I respect the fact that somebody with his profile and career gives a damn about sound quality, but name recognition alone doesn't cause new technologies to suddenly appear. He's probably going to sink a ton of his own money into this project and end up with circus peanuts...If any other company made a prototype that looked as ghastly as the PONO, they would be torn to pieces on here. I hope I'm wrong about the outcome of this venture of his.
  11. ianmedium
    I have to agree with the shape, lets really hope they come up with something better with the final version and for me he loses a bit of credibility when he keeps going on about the red hot chill peppers liking the sound out of his car.. Unless he has a kick ass audio system in there and then again I have yet to hear a really good car system, they just sound like what you get out of JH audio products to me, over blown. Oh, and I have yet to hear a chill peppers album that is well recorded!
  12. tim3320070
    Skeptical but hopeful 
  13. Vinnie R.
    Mo' Pono, Mo' Pono!!!!! [​IMG]
  14. doublea71

    I'm just plain skeptical - high rez files are huge and 24/192 cannot be differentiated from 16/44 by the human ear afaik. Albums need to be mastered better, that's all. If he can convince labels to master albums for optimum sound quality, he'll have done more right there than what the release of a DAP could hope to achieve.
  15. ianmedium

    I completely agree with your statement. I would rather have a well mastered 16/44 than a poorly mastered 24/192 any day.
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