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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. Sauntere
    Am i missing something ? Is there something i don't understand ? This is a genuine question.  Isn't the idea here that is doesn't get reduced back to 16/44 ?
  2. Steve Eddy

    The "idea" here is that 24/196 is "where it's at" with the implication that it is far better than 16/44. What I'm saying is that I'm not aware of any convincing evidence that there's any actual audible difference between 24/196 and 16/44 that's been properly decimated from 24/196. Lacking that, 24/196 appears to be a cure looking for a disease.

  3. doublea71
    I don't doubt that it will sound good, but the 24/192 bit is just marketing b.s. from Pono imo. A well-designed player with a great dac/amp + great sounding masters + good headphones should suffice for all but the most obsessive listeners. The quality of the recordings is the most important piece of the pie, followed by headphones, then player, all imo of course. I really hope Pono can keep the spotlight on sound quality long enough for the bigger players to follow suit - we'd all stand to benefit in the long run.
  4. Levanter
    They finally answered my ques.. I'm sure some will be happy to hear this..

    "If/when we support DSD it'll be native. The 8hrs of playtime is with a mix of different music qualities. We can't share any of our BOM details on this forum as it'll trigger a lot discussions that take away from the bigger picture. Thanks for understanding."
  5. miceblue
    Wow, such language.
  6. Kokomo O
    Once again, 24/192 is not just marketing BS from Pono or any other maker or hi-res devices and software. It's basic mathematics, an area called Fourier analysis that every math, physics and engineering student learns in the second year of calculus, and has been well known since the 18th Century. They're not making this stuff up and neither am I.
    Music is composed of transients, signals that begin and end like drum beats, cymbal crashes, piano hammer strikes, guitar strums and the damping of strings, tongue slaps on saxophone reeds, even the distortion of an electric guitar. You can't possibly reproduce all of those transients accurately, within the limits of human hearing, if you are cutting off the bandwidth of the music at about 20kHz, as you must do with 16/44, 24/44 or even 24/48. And when you do so, you introduce phase distortion that further muddies the sound. 
    It simply doesn't matter how well your DAC, amp, cables, headphones or other reproduction chain is, if you compromise the recording you mess up the sound that comes out when you play it. I really think you need to do some critical listening, comparing 16/44 files with their 24/192 analogues.
  7. JacobLee89
    But doesn't that ignore the different algorithms/codecs used to compress files to such formats? How can you assume that the sound will be "muddied" without first talking about the different affects each codec would/might have with the resulting audio file?
    *Huzzah for major derail*
  8. Koukol
    I have a question but I'm not on FACEBOOK.
    If I order the regular black one and a Limited Edition came up later that I want (RAMONES) if I re-order the RAMONES version (I know...wishful thinking) will the first order be cancelled?
    This is the only thing stopping me from ordering today.
  9. flatmap
    They recently posted this note on the pono kickstarter page.  Perhaps this helps:
    A Note about Pledging & Multiple Rewards:

    It is only possible to pledge ONCE on a single Kickstarter account. If you pledge again on the same account, it will OVERRIDE your previous pledge and reward selection. We recommend creating a a second Kickstarter account, which can be linked to the same Amazon account (and therefore the same credit card). Thanks for the support.

  10. doublea71

    If you can either clearly hear anything above 20kHz or repeatedly tell the difference between a 24/192 file that has been down-sampled to 16/44 in a blind A/B test, you're not of this Earth. The most critical stage of a recording's inception has little to do with bit depth. Citing an equation's existence does not constitute evidence as you've laid it out. I stand by my claim until proven otherwise.
  11. Saraguie
    They just added Neil Young and Crazy Horse L.E.s they will sell out in a hour..........if only a 500 run like the others.
  12. Koukol

    I hope they don't change this in the near future.
    It makes you wonder about someone ordering a LE then losing it when another order goes in.
    Is it then up for grabs?
  13. Steve Eddy

    And I think someone needs to convincingly demonstrate that there is an actual audible difference between 16/44 and 24/192. Otherwise, this is all just tantamount to saying "These go to 11."

  14. Koukol

    Yeah, but that's ONE more than ten!
    TRapz likes this.
  15. Bas72
    It's a useless discussion. You hear different things than others. It's like trying to convince a believer that his god does not exist: he'll never be convinced, no matter how much 'evidence' you throw at it.
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