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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. Mathieulh
    I wager whoever designed this junk has never seen a pocket in his/her life.

    I guess this will get into industrial design textbooks labelled as "what to never do".
  2. maira
    I havent heard the R6Pro yet, so i cant comment on that. But i tried NW-ZX300, Fiio X7ii, A&K 100 and KANN, Schanling M5s and some Ibasso DAPs and like the Pono in BAL more.
  3. maira
    I like the shape. :) And i have absolutely no problem to carry the Pono in my pocket.... .
  4. Rdwng1975
    I hope these statements make you feel better about the device you own.
    defbear likes this.
  5. Mathieulh
    Well, it does fit in my Jeans pockets. I literally walked 20 kilometers yesterday with it in my pocket with no issues whatsoever (and that DAP isn't light).
    Good luck doing that with a triangular shaped DAP.

    I also happen to have the ZX300 around if I need something light with extended battery life to drive my IEMs with.
  6. Rdwng1975
    I’m sorry you are so upset. It’s going to be ok.
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  7. Dana Reed
    ...comes to a forum for a long discontinued player to tell everyone how terrible it is :deadhorse:
  8. Mathieulh
    Well, everyone is entitled to his opinion.

    When something sucks, or isn't worth spending whatever its asking price is, I rather be vocal about it than stay quiet. At least people can consider themselves warned as they read about it. Likewise if something is worth the money, I am also vocal about it.
  9. Dana Reed
    ...already likes pono and just wants to replace the battery....

    “<unhelpful comment about how the Hiby/Sony/etc is way better>”

    Gee, no one’s heard that some people don’t like the triangle shape.
    barondla likes this.
  10. Rdwng1975
    Not sure telling someone they have “hearing issues” is considerate. It’s also imo not a way to sway people to your view. I like my pono and do not use it as a portable device.
    barondla and maira like this.
  11. LuckyNat
    Have you every seen a book of great industrial design?

    Maybe you just like everything to be the same and hate different designs, feels too scary to stand out and be different?

    The Pono is designed for hands and sitting on table tops. It feels and works better than a flat design for both.

    Who would put any DAP in a tight pocket? That's why people's phones get smashed and bent up - because people don't care much for them.

    Or, of course, maybe it's only designed like that to fit a more readily available 18650 battery in? Who knows..
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  12. Mathieulh
    I do put my DAP in my pocket, so do a lot of other people. I know plenty of people on these forums alone, who walk with their DAPs in their pockets while listening to IEMs or portable headphones.

    I also put my phone in my pocket, both the DAP and phone are doing just fine and are sturdy enough, there is also a reason people buy cases. If the Pono, a DAP designed to be portable, cannot be carried around in pockets due to its form factor, its bad design, period.

    If you need something to use on table tops, there are plenty of desktop DAC/AMP combos (or even DAPs!) which incidentally will be able to draw much more power than the Pono ever will.
  13. LuckyNat
    What you really mean is you over-value your own opinion. People can see the shape of it - it's not like you given a reason why it's a bad shape.

    More like Ralph from The Simpsons I speaking his mind than anything else, haha
  14. Mathieulh
  15. LuckyNat
    "I like cats" - Ralph

    "I don't like Pono's shape" - Mathieulh

    That kind of thing..
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