PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player
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Does anyone have tips on a portable battery charger for use with the Pono.  What amps output would I need in this case.  Would I have any sound quality issues having one of these plugged in while playing the Pono with IEMs. 
I have zero experience with these so if any are working well for anyone here I would love some recommendations regarding what brands etc as I need to pull the trigger on one of these for longer trips.
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Any USB charger will work. They all put out ~5volts. 2.1 amp chargers will charge the Pono Player quicker.

If you want one of those battery power stations , any with microUSB will work. Larger capacity battery will run longer. I like to have a couple. One small for portable use. A large one for home use/during power failures.

No problem leaving it plugged in. Ayre's Charles Hansen said his is always plugged into wall. I have noticed a very slight thickening in the bass with some USB chargers. It is probably just the slightest amount of very low level hum. Using balanced playback mode cancels this out in the Pono power supply.
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My Pono-Player suffers from low battery, so i want to replace it. As I'm not in the US, getting the battery replaced is very expensive and i think it's not so hard to do it on my own. The only question i have is the battery-type.
Samsung INR18650-35E Lithium-Ionen-Akkus
Would this one work?
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Moodsmaster I would use the exact same brand and model battery the Pono Player shipped with. This disassembly video shows battery and everything else.
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I've read that article, but didn't find any seller with the exact same type of battery in Europa. So i tried to find an alternative.
Does somebody knows a place, where i could by the battery or is it possible to use another one?
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Can anyone compare the Pono player to the Cayin N5?
I have spent some time with the Cayin N5 and I am not overly impressed with it particularly at the slow load speeds and some of the build quality (the scroll wheel feels terrible and the rubber flap covering the SD card and charge ports is pretty crappy).

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