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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. batteraziiz
    I was going to say that also. 1121.gif
  2. thegrobe
    Digitalfreak, thanks for sharing the video and your thoughts. Especially the part where you describe the shape of the device...LOL
    All kidding aside, thanks. Good stuff
  3. DigitalFreak
    Lol, you're welcome guys. Nice to see everyone here has a good sense if humor.
  4. Koukol

    Don't give DF a complex...no one looks as weird as Dwight.[​IMG]
  5. subver
    Nice video - is that an e-cig in your hand?
  6. AmberOzL
    This seems interesting but I really can't see something new in the dap world. Though the kickstarter price is nice, I would order just to try and support quality music but October 2014 is bad date man. It is too late, we will have many more daps before they ship their Pono's.
    Also how thick is that? Is it slimmer than DX100 or HM901 for example? The shape is as you know, a bit weird.
    Edit: Foo Fighters version is all gone. One less interesting for me to buy this player.
  7. miceblue
  8. AmberOzL
    European is here. It means 1 inch depth = 2.5 cm right? So it is actually quite thick. Almost as thick as DX100 which is 2.7 cm.
    Sure it will look fancy in the pocket.
  9. elrod-tom
    I may be an outlier here, but I like the shape.  I'm going to be using it mostly at the office, and the fact that it sits at an angle is a benefit IMHO.
    I signed up for the Kickstarter price, largely because I want to support this effort.  I also think I'll get a nice DAP made by Ayre with a nice ESS DAC in it.
    If all this ends up doing is making hi-rez more accessible, it will be a good thing for all of us whether y'all buy a PONO player or not.  The fact that artists are getting behind it makes me think it may just work out.
  10. wnmnkh Contributor
    It seems Pono could had launched much earlier if Pono management had not wasted so much time trying to implement DRM. From non other than Linn's CEO....
    Quote: http://forums.linn.co.uk/bb/showthread.php?tid=26347&pid=314440#pid314440
    It could had launched as early as late 2011 or early 2012. Too bad there are so many competitors in the market now.
    But, I guess the way they are doing the marketing now, they are trying to be 'Beats' of DAPs, bringing mainstream customers instead of audiophiles. I doubt with that putting Sabre DAC with Ayre technology while costing only 400 bucks won't give them much profits. It is all about Ponomusic store where they are supposed to bring those big labels to play.
  11. Koukol
    So who IS the competition today?
    Sorry for the ignorance but I'm not up on DAP players as I don't listen to music outside the home and car.
    The thing about Pono is they say a lot  studios are behind them including rarer labels.
    I don't listen to Popular music so the bigger more expansive the catalog the better for me.
    This question of support is what's keeping me from ordering one today.
  12. JacobLee89
    The only thing that's keeping me from ordering, is the elusive technical specs which they have absolutely no excuse for not revealing. Especially in a project which uses crowd-source methods.
  13. wnmnkh Contributor

    You may want to check out "Portable Source Gear" section of this forum..... oh wait this is the right section.
    I think hdtracks pretty much covers all of these rare, non-mainstream labels. The actual problem has been those mainstream labels have not really supported high res format, and Pono is supposed to solvd this problem by launching a store website callec Ponomusic.

    That said, you dont have to buy Ponoplayer to use Ponomusic since it uses flac. Pretty much any decent dap that can play 24/198 can use Ponomusic.
  14. tbaac
    Regarding watermarks, I think I saw in one of the promotional videos for this that there's a little light to show when a genuine Pono track was being played.  I'd assumed it was just any track that was 24/96 or maybe just 24/192.
    As its flac they could presumably only check for actual Pono tracks (without using tags) by adding a watermark signal to the wav from which the flac is made (in the frequencies outside of human hearing)?  The player could spot this and turn the light on.
    At the same time they could watermark the flac with a unique number for each sale.  If it doesn't spoil the sound then I guess its not the end of the world.
    It seems a slight shame to me if they aren't supporting Ogg.
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Wow, I am like a Prophet seeing into the future, who knew I would predict the coming of Digitalfreak!
    Cue `He is the chosen one` from Life of Brian.
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