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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. Kendoji
    Just click on one of the pledges on the right.
  2. Koukol
    I just learned about this product and I'm geeked.
    Does anyone else think this is just a Super Audio Player (as in SACD) to compete with MP3 Players?
  3. francoamerican
    I totally thought this was ridiculous until I saw:
    1. Ayre's involvement
    2. Major label backing.
    3. Major label artist interest in reselling their back catalogs (i.e. you can see the drool in that endorsement video )
    I'm skeptical that 96/24 is something I would notice over good 44.1/16 - but I am excited about a new focus on dynamics and fidelity.  
    I probably won't buy the player right away since I have a Mytek Stereo 192 and don't need a portable right now - but I would love flac 96/24 to become a standard going forward.
    Pretty amazing to see things such as zero feedback, discrete circuity and Sabre chips in the "mainstream!"
    Bring on the music.
    Sam Edwards likes this.
  4. shockdoc
    I hope it is. Some of my SACD's are absolutely fabulous. Some aren't any better than the original CD.
  5. Koukol
    So does anyone know the connectors on this?
    I'm wondering how they hooked it up to a car stereo bypassing the decks DAC (if they did)
  6. miceblue
    The second "headphone port" is just a line out connection. Some car stereo systems have a "MP3 player/axillary" connection.
  7. Koukol
    Thanks MB,
    So this Auxiliary input (on some decks) bypasses the decks crappier DAC?
    I can't see how.
  8. thegrobe

    The line out is an analog signal, it's already been converted from digital by the Pono DAC. The car deck is only using it's analog circuit.
  9. Koukol

    So the car deck bypasses it's own DAC then?
    If so, any crappy deck will be great with a Pono if it has an auxiliary input. (assuming the Amp and speakers are good.)
  10. meat01 Contributor
    The car deck's DACs aren't as bad as the road/engine noise and traffic [​IMG]
  11. Koukol

    Point taken but I'm still wondering if the great DAC on the Pono will be degraded from a decks crappier DAC.
  12. JacobLee89
    A Digital to Analogue Converter *DAC*, translates digital information into analogue signal. The auxiliary jack on cars (if they have one) are almost always 3.5mm audio sockets, which do not connect to a DAC, primarily because a DAC only works with digital information and will do absolutely nothing with analogue signals.
    By connecting the Pono (or any other music player) to a car deck's AUX socket, you'll essentially connect the Pono directly to the car's amp, which will work the speakers, plus and minus some digital user interfaces where you can adjust the volume and equalisation. Even then I highly doubt that the DAC of the car will have anything to do with it.
    The concept of an analogue signal being fed back into a DAC is similar to trying to put a cake back into a food processor so that you can get cake mix again. It makes absolutely no sense, and if I am wrong in this (in which aux DO get fed back into a DAC... Which will require an ADC........) then I am forever using bluetooth audio in all cars I'll drive in.
  13. Koukol
    Thanks Jacob,
    I was just lying down thinking of this when it occurred to me that a deck is both a player AND a Pre-amp (along with an amp which I usually bypass)
    So yeah, now I realize the Pono would bypass the player and therefor it's DAC and go directly to the Pre-amp.
    I feel stupid. :)
  14. Xaborus
    You're also forgetting the pono's native format is FLAC.
    Headunits usually can't read Flac. Only mp3 or wav usually.
    So digital output on the pono would be pointless for car audio. 
  15. boldy
    When did Metallica jump onboard?
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