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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. ExpatinJapan
    Ooh, Sabre DAC!
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  2. musicday
    Only 8 hours playback :frowning2: my Tera does better, plus we need all the technical specification for the Pono.
  3. tas236
    I really think the PONO ecosystem can only be good for us, the pre-PONO audiophiles, if you will. Sure, they may not have anything actually original in terms of format or hardware, but they do have 1) an integrated ecosystem and 2) a good start on the marketing. If PONO is successful by any measure, its widespread adoption signals a huge change in consumer perceptions about audio and audio quality, which in turn will lead to more competition in the hi-res market, in music offerings and hardware both.
    Maybe this will help bring down the prices of the gear we love to acquire––I know I'd love that. And perhaps, if we're lucky, the price of the actual music.
    Maybe it will help bring "x" artist you always wish released his stuff on HDTracks to release on PONO (and likely HDTracks as well).
    I think their marketing, however pretentious, will be a boon to us all once this market disruption has time to spread across the entire industry.
    On another note, though, I was certain back when I first heard of PONO that it'd be a little more revolutionary, perhaps actually reMIXing the music (remastering alone won't cause the ears of the artists in that video to perk up like they did) or something along that line. I'm a little disappointed to see that it wasn't, but it makes sense. What label is going to pay to have their music mastered twice, or even thrice, depending on the mode of distribution?
  4. thegrobe

    "The output buffer used to drive the headphones is fully discrete so that all individual parameters and circuit values and parts quality can be fully optimized for the absolute finest sound quality. The output impedance is very low so that the PonoPlayer delivers perfectly flat frequency response and wide volume range using virtually any set of headphones."
  5. Mimouille
    I was hesitating on ordering a Chrome Herbie Hancock but I dislike the shape and most of all, I do not see what this player brings to the game.
  6. Foolwolf
    For the money, I backed the PONO Foo Fighters edition. I have an iBasso DX50, so I guess that this might be a step up from it, if not - well so be it. It sure looks like this might be something that can step up the game for digital audio so what the heck.
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  7. flatmap
    Of course there are other music players.  However,compared to the iDevices that most consumers are using now, it supports up to 24/192 high resolution music files.  Also the audio circuit is designed by Ayre Audio, including the digital filter they developed for their high end products.  So it has the potential to be a great DMP.  
    Perhaps the bigger picture is to broaden the base of people interested in, and buying, high res files.  If they succeed there, then that will also help all of us head-fi.
    Fingers crossed on the headphone amplifier section.  Time will tell.
  8. fleasbaby
    ...wonder if there's a recommended headphones list. Would be a shame to see folks marching about with these hooked up to a pair of Beats :D
  9. miceblue
    Yay Dwight! XD
    But yeah, implementation is still more important for a DAC. It can use the best DAC in the world, but it can sound bad if it's poorly implemented.
  10. Xaborus
    Jesus this year has been an amazing year for hi-fi. New optimal headphone EQ curves (Focal spirit classic + pro / NAD hp50), and now this. I also just learned about the Schitt Valhalla, which is a MUST buy in my book. Anyway, the inner objective in me is skeptical that 24bit 192k is actually better than CD quality, but ofcourse I'll have to try it for myself, or just wait for YouTube videos of blind listening tests (which are sure to come due to the huge stirr this has caused).
    Honestly what the industry needs to do is revert back to dynamic music and stop the crap with the loudness wars. Not even 192k can undo that damage.
    I dont approve of the pono player not releasing official specs like Schitt or JDS Labs. At least they told us one solid thing- the amplifier is feedbackless. Assuming this is classD, the amps measured performance will definitely be interesting due to its feedback less design.
    Oh man, I do wish NwAvGuy was still around. His posts about this would be an absolute riot.
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  11. Saraguie
    I may be the only person on H.F. to not understand. What does the" loudness war' mean?
  12. miceblue
    Basically making the whole music track louder, sometimes clipping the audio signal.


    Extra "for your information" things while on the topic.
  13. Saraguie
    Wikipedia G-d bless you.....i'll read up thanks!
  14. bpower
    Wow, I can't believe people still aren't getting this. Please tell me why would anybody care about hi-rez ? Nobody, unless in a quiet room with excellent speakers or very good cans, can hear the difference between 320kbs MP3 and hi-rez lossless. Can you guys get that fact into your heads?
    Contrary to popular opinion on every damn "audiophile" site, your average audio consumer ain't stupid. They know what they want. The most common reaction I've got to my set-up is "Yeah, its a bit better than mine but it not worth the extra money. I just care about the music". And you know what? They're dead right. On the other hand if you give them 2 cds of the same album, one mastered expertly and the other done poorly, which will they spend their 10 bucks on? 
    Im sorry for being a bit strident, and I dont mean to criticise flatmap personally, but this really gets annoys me. Im stunned that most of the community doesn't seem to realise what the real problem is. Its the mastering not the bit rate or resolution. I love pop music but I cant listen to most stuff on my best gear because it sounds bloody awful regardless of bitrate. I listen to it on decentish speakers and its fine. 
    So are we saying to normal consumers "Hey you guys! Why dont you buy top notch cans. And rebuy all your albums in the same mastering in hi-rez for 17 bucks each. Then strap a DAC/AMP to your phone and fill it to the brim with 8 whole albums. Your phone is now the size of a kebab and your favourite music sounds like ****. Hooray!!!"
    If the studios went back and remastered the worst offenders and sold them on iTunes they'd fly off the shelves. Someone earlier mentioned Californication. How much would you pay for a perfectly remastered version of that on 320kbs MP3? Now how much would you pay for the current mastering in hi-rez?
    Ok rant over and Im not going to mention it again. Its depressing.
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