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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. Mython Contributor
  2. Saraguie
    What problems do you have with playing other than iTunes purchased music? I have lots and lots of music not ripped from a CD nor bought from Apple that I can play on my MAC, iPod, and iPhone. There are only three songs I can think of that I get a error message with.
  3. miceblue
    I think the original poster meant can we just put music on the Pono, or do we have to be tied to a piece of software to sync data (a la iTunes).

    I'm pretty sure you can put other music on it.
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  4. Levanter
    The "New" news was only announced less than 24 hours ago with the release from Kickstarter. Just because the "New" news is less than 24 hours old, i hardly consider it as a decaying thread.
    Besides, the "Old" thread latest posts have already been talking about the latest updates if you are unaware of it.
  5. Saraguie
    Gotcha.....it is a pain. My guess is FLAC and a card slot would point to drag and drop. We should ask!
  6. miceblue
    And just to clarify:

  7. Wouter
    At this time there are some providers of "high res" music and some providers of "audiophile players". This Pono initiative seems to be the first to combine both: providing and audiophile player and providing high res music. In fact, they're aiming to provide high res music form the major labels, which should lead to a far better availability of popular music in high resolution than provided anywhere else.
    So this Pono initiative does seem to do things different and therefore I don't mind the way they put their goal, unlike you.
    Nor do I feel that the way they put their goal is disrespectful to any producer of audiophile players currently available.
    If this Pono player simply has a good user interface and no bugs, than it just may be ahead of quite a few audiophile players currently available...
    So it's shaped like a toblerone instead of a candy bar, so what? 
    I kind of like the courage to choose something else from the rectangular flat bars that everyone else is producing.
  8. jeycam
    It looks like there are some serious caps in the output stage. Any of the DIYers know what are they?
  9. suicidal_orange

    The colour scheme looks like Nichicon Finegold's, a popular choice.
    The crucial thing with this Pono idea is whether they've got proper distribution rights or will happily send me e-mails of the latest release which I'm not allowed to buy like HDTracks do.  All the musicians in the video can't be deaf so it's likely they're remastering and that can only be a good thing for us. 
    If the yellow one were $200 I'd have seriously considered picking one up "deaf" but $300 (plus import taxes) is too much without hearing one.
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  10. alphabetagaga
  11. alphabetagaga
    exactly. yes apple have made it easy for everyone and their dog to access music now. no one is denying them that. but at the expense and i mean BIG expense of dumbing down the audio quality.
    'Pono's CEO John Hamm also spoke during the session and talked about the triangular shape of the Pono device. "The electronics that fit inside wouldn't fit in a flat package," he explained. "It's a small piece of audio gear, not a mobile device."

  12. doublea71
      It's a small piece of audio gear that will not only fit in your hand but also does not have to be plugged into a wall outlet to function. However, it's not a mobile device. Right. I suppose it's a portable stationary device then. Does re-purposing it for mobile use void its warranty? (Add sarcastic intonation)
  13. Sauntere
    Pricing seems very reasonable and i wish i was early enough to grab one of Neil Young's signature editions. Stupid time zones. Living on the other side of the world. Bah. 
    Are there any other available specs ? Output Impedence etc
  14. audionewbi
    I was this close to back the Norah jones version but than I thought perhaps wait and just get the normal version as October is a long way away and my expectation will grow more and more and chances of this pono turning out mediocre compared to my current dap is super high.
  15. 392462
    Definitely looks like Nichicon caps there.
    But I must say, the board rather reminds me of a Meridian design. Look inside the Meridian Director for example:
    Pono originally stated that Meridian were involved in the project, eg see:
    specifically "...we work with our brilliant partners at Meridian to unlock the richness of the artist's music to you..." - but Pono are no longer mentioning them - instead they are now talking about Ayre. I wonder if something has happened here, and the picture shows an old proto board that is no longer current?
    And wasn't Pono supposed to offer something more than just lossless compression, high sample rates and word lengths? We kinda know about that already, and there are other people doing it - although I applaud anything that places the focus on high-definition audio in general and lossless compression in particular. I am quite certain that you can have quality and convenience and don't have to sacrifice one for the other.
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