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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. Saraguie
    Its $400 for the chrome edition and I cannot find where the DAC chip make and model is. 
  2. Levanter
    I pulled out and pledged again just to get the 100th position for pearl jam lol.
    Since I missed the top 10, might as well get something that look nicer - to have the 100th limited edition number etched than some random number.
  3. roadrat
    $400, not $499
    barmar46 likes this.
  4. roadrat
    Nice to see other PJ fans here.  I also pledged for the PJ version
  5. Levanter
    well... there were only a few artists i would have chosen... Norah Jones, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz or Dave Mathews. I figured PJ would have a better re-sale value lol
    Btw, they listed 8 hours play time... i'm hoping that's based on 24bit 194khz..
  6. ExpatinJapan
    Appears to be Sabre ES9018 Dac chip.
  7. ExpatinJapan
    Fixed that for you [​IMG]
  8. roadrat
    I predict a Starbucks style re-education of consumers
  9. thegrobe
    Wow. The Kickstarter campaign surpassed it's goal already. What's that, less than 9 hours or so...
  10. Levanter
    Not surprising, there was a lot of marketing and hype over this... not to mentioned being endorsed by a number of well known artists and appearing on Letterman..
  11. CosmicHolyGhost
    spec sheet... anyone, please?
  12. Levanter
    It's in their FAQ, but not many specifics though.
    Apparently using Sabre Dac ES9018, with 8 hours playing time.
    Too bad no DSD support though.
    64gig internal with Micro SD support (64 gig card included i think)
    No details on the power output or amp section. No LO, but separate port for HO and for Speakers/home system.
    I'm hoping it'll be at least on par with AK100mk2 as this will be replacing the one i'm planning to sell..
  13. CosmicHolyGhost

    so good, another DAP to be excited about.
  14. Saraguie
    Thanks...  I may not even open mine. I mean I cannot see it competing with the AK240 but we'll see.
  15. miceblue
    I'm slightly skeptical about this player. If 192 kbps MP3 is the basis for this player to beat then... *shrugs*

    They've certainly marketed it nicely with the artists all saying "it's the best thing I've heard."

    Neil Young was the one pushing for HD music formats, no? I'm sure most people don't actually know that HD resolution music per se doesn't actually sound better. XD
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