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POLL: UE Super Fi Vi5 OR RE0

  1. mmamanx
    Please explain why as well, thanks.
  2. a_recording
    mmamanx, in your earlier thread on the Super FI sale, every single person who had actually heard both the Super Fi 5's and the RE0's recommended the RE0.
    This question pops up every single time there is a sale on the Super.fi 5's, which is extremely often. The conclusion is generally the same - if you are willing to spend the extra, the RE0's are amazingly detailed, work unamped and fantastically when amped. They are probably one of the most, if not the most recommended earphones in this subforum.
    Try reading through these: http://www.head-fi.org/search.php?search=super+vs+re0
    If you ever had the occasion to hear both, it wouldn't be a hard decision. The Super FI's are fun, but they are not particularly fast or accurate, not particularly resolving and not particularly detailed. The only benefits I would say they have over the RE0 is a wider soundstage.
  3. mmamanx


    Hmm, I was really going to go for the Super Fi's becuase they are only $67, but from what people are saying about the re0's I guess thats the best bet, even if they are $80, hopefully I like them! Im gonna order directly from head direct, only little thing I dont like is that the re0's are L shaped, but eh thats just a little prefrence.
  4. wordfool
    I was considering the SF5vi but only because it has a microphone... and for $67 it's a contender in the price range for mic-ed IEMs as far as my research goes (although I'm leaning towards either the MEElec M11+P or Thinksound TS02+ in that category).
    If a microphone is not important then my research tells me any number of other IEMs offer similar or arguably better bang for buck in that price category, from the RE-0 and Brainwavz M2 to the Panasonic HJE900 and several Fischer options.  Of course, I've not heard any of these in person, but am considering buying something in that price range so am doing some homework. 
    I have both the RE0 and SuperFi 5vi and I find myself listening to the SF5vi much more often. I find the Re0 to not be very comfortable and the SF5vi to fit my ears perfectly. I also like have the controls. Sound-wise, the Re0 is better overall and has better clarity, but the SF5vi has more bass.

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