POLL: Reshelling Universal IEM's for Reasons Other Than Fit....
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Oct 16, 2013
So fortunately, my ears, though small, fit almost every universal I've come across, even the hefty UE TF10's... Was wondering about some opinions, since I recently sent in a W4R to be reshelled just for fun...
Does reshelling, for purposes other than fit, really affect the sound quality, and if so, by how much? Keep in mind that fit obviously correlates with sound quality... I wish I had a stock W4 and my reshelled W4 to compare to.
To be honest, my personal opinion is that the sound quality doesn't really change if you had a good fit to begin with. It's the same friggin' drivers after all, albeit in a different acoustic chamber and possibly an upgraded cable. Then again, there is the coolness factor of cIEM's (aside from the cost of ear molds/reshelling and the hit of the resale value, about -60%). 
P.S. -- While we're talking about reshelling IEM's -- can you reshell a dynamic (e.g. Monster Turbine Pro Copper) and/or dynamic & BA hybrid (e.g. K3003i)? I don't see why not, but it's never really been done before...

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