Poll: ad700 vs hd555
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Most of the off-topic posts were removed, no big deal really, I think the tough ones were the ones which were starting to get racist.
As for gaming headphones... a lot of gamers choose the DT770 Pro and I don't think that headphone should be shunned. Ditto the DT880 which is another popular gamer choice.
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Oh and the AD700 is still one of the most over-hyped, confusing, over-rated headphones in existence

Here's a rule of thumb for anyone considering a headphone for music, or music + gaming.  If a headphone is often chosen by "gamers", then its most likely a good idea to stay away from it.

Oh boy, here we go again. =\
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Oh boy, here we go again. =\

lol. I decided to ignore his post, was tempted to comment, but chose to hold back :)
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Seeing as folks in this thread were asked to take off-topic conversations to the members' lounge, where they are welcome, but think it more fun to post like immature trolls, this thread is closed, one member is now on vacation, and if any one else wants to test their luck in that department, fee free.  

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