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polk audio RTI A4 and CSI A4 Cherry L R & C speakers like new in DC area

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  1. tme110
    For Sale
    Bought new directly from Polk within the year.  Like new with original packaging - spent their time in a pet free, smoke free kid free house and they haven't moved since they were unpacked.  The FXi A4 dispersion rear speakers could be available if a whole set it needed but not really looking to sell those.  Originally paid over $1k just for the mains though I see they've come down in cost.
  2. tme110
    price drop to $700.  Though my new speakers don't show up for another 5 weeks (I thought it would be 3 days) so not in a hurry to move these.
  3. Cante Ista
    I think the speaker in your picture is the RTI A5 not A4. Sorry if I am missing something.
    Anyway, I have those speakers and am really impressed with their performance at the price point. Nice bass. Fill the room nicely. I use them for movies and music.
    Good luck TME
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