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POLARaudio / Polar Audio

  1. SunTanScanMan
    I would like to give some feedback on a very positive experience I have had with POLARaudio Limited.
    When purchased (not from POLARaudio), there was a noticeable gap between the seal of the silver and black plastic parts of my Beyerdynamic T1's left outer cup.
    After enquiring with Beyerdynamic, I was forwarded to POLARaudio who are their partners in the UK and deal with repairs of Beyerdynamic products.
    I completed a RMA application late May this year, but at the last minute had second thoughts on sending the headphones as did not want to part with them. I half-convinced myself that I could ignore and live with the issue as it was not affecting the sound. In the end, I could not handle it constantly being at the back of my mind, and in October the headphones were posted to POLARaudio.
    After approximately 1 month (due to a part not being in stock) the T1 arrived back to be this afternoon. The problem has now been fixed with flawless finish. The attention they have given the headphone is evident in the condition they arrived back. They also replaced the earpads free of charge, much to my very pleasant surprise.
    The repair did not cost me a penny other than the original postage.
    Communication was very polite and prompt with Alison and Mathew. I very much appreciate their excellent services and for turning my initial negative experience of the product into a VERY positive one. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends, and will look to them for future audio products.

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