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Dec 20, 2001
Dick Osher in CES Issue Absolute Sound wrote a very favorable comment about LA Audio Electronics M-18 (maybe M-1, 18 watts). He didn't reference url or distributor & google's returning odd data collection sites.

I remember seeing advert for LA Audio Electronics, maybe in Brit High Fidelity (sister to Absolute Sound). I called and spoke with proprietor--mostly about Taiwan, where I had been working for past few years. Likely 2006/7.

Anyone have a reference? btw, M-1 was priced at $240/60 had a tube front end. It must have been tube enough for Osher/AS to place it in the Tubed Gear category. I felt ok about posting in high end since Osher noted broad range, like Ping @ AAA Audio for Dussun.

Appreciate any contacts to dealer, distributor. Many thanks,

Richard Moss

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