Introducing Tri-Copper, the first ever 3-in-1 copper based wire consisting of pure copper, silver plated copper, and gold plated copper. Featuring Type 6 Litz configuration and our new PS insulation, this very special wire provides a warm yet natural sound with open mids and smooth highs. Tri-Copper is available to order for custom wired and bluetooth cables starting today at
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    First reviews are now available


    Linus from Headfonia tested our X8 Series model. He concludes, "The Tri-Copper offers a nicely warm and smooth sound, with some of the best vocals and instruments I’ve heard in a cable so far."


    @PinkyPowers reviewed our Exo Series model. His take? "Out of all the choices I have, plusSound’s Tri-Copper is the best I’ve heard for a monitor like Kaiser Encore. It adds what I wish to be added, and smoothes out those less friendly areas. It’s the greatest companion to a thin, cold, or bright IEM, and could give new life to many other signatures, if that’s where your tastes lay."


    @audio123 reviewed our Exo Series model. He concludes, "The Exo Tri Copper is an organic and smooth sounding cable that is able to provide a full-bodied bass reproduction, warm midrange and controlled treble. The details retrieval is better with excellent intimacy. There is a good naturalness to the overall sound. The Plussound Exo Tri Copper is a new cable by Plussound that utilizes 3 variations of copper and it delivers confidently."


    Aaron Sigal from Resonance Reviews focused on the build quality and aesthetics of our Exo Series model. He summarizes, "All in all I’m pretty impressed with the construction of the Tri-Copper. Plussound knows what they are doing and didn’t make a single mistake in building this cable. It’s a shining example of what “flawless” construction looks like."


    "What I like about PlusSound Tri-Copper cable is that it offers a different sound characteristic relative to other cables in my review collection. 3Cu adds more rumble to the sub-bass in comparison to other cables, and in general beefs up the bass, giving low end a little more body. With mids, it takes some edge off the revealing tonality, making them sound a little smoother and more natural. And when it comes to treble, I noticed more airiness and crisper definition." - @twister6 on our new Tri-Copper Type 6 Litz wires.

    Headfonics has published their take on our latest Tri-Copper wire! Reviewer Marcus had this to say about ideal pairings, "The Tri-Copper is a super easy cable in terms of which IEMs ideally pair with it. Any IEM with a peaky top-end, lean low-end, neutral or sterile mids will get a nice injection of additional warmth and body as well as taper down any treble peppiness."


    Reviewer @ryanjsoo has published his detailed take on our Exo Series cable with Tri-Copper Type 6 Litz wires. His verdict? "It’s a cable that combines very natural, complete notes with high resolving power all set to a clean yet background. Plussound’s new insulation is also an enormous step up from their previous designs, in fact, I would consider their cables to now be among the most ergonomic on the market. They’re impossibly compliant yet don’t harden over time as some competitors do and Plussound’s level of finish is excellent."

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  3. ceeloChamp
    Nice thought! I'd be interested to hear if anyone has tried pairing this with Rhapsodio Galaxy V2
  4. Allanmarcus
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  6. Allanmarcus
    Thanks! I looked at the page and got more info about the wire construction. Again, thanks.

    Some of the descriptions say:

    "It transmits electric signals faster than ever with much less distortion and electrical resistance."
    "It transmits electric signals faster with less distortion and low electrical resistance. "

    I wasn't aware that the speed of the signal could be different! I'm doing some reading now to learn more about this. Looks like it's the dielectrics that matter for speed. Really interesting. I wonder how much the speed affects the sound. I got me some reading to do.
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