Pls help with EQ for Yuin PK1
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Apr 23, 2006
Hey guys:

I've just bought a pair of Yuin PK1 having remembered that they were really good when I had a weeks trial with them.

However, I had a Xin amp with opamp rolling then, now it's just out of my DAP's headphone jack.

The problem I'm having isn't so much volume rather than sibilance. As I turn it up, the PK1 sounds sharp, piercing. Lower volumes sound crystalline and brittle so... (the good bass is there, it's just there's too much sibilance along with it)

I've been fiddling with my player's EQ for a bit but can't quite seem to get rid of the sibilance while making the PK1 sound rich with overly distorting the bass or making it sound like underwater.

Any tips on which frequencies I should cut and how much? my DAP also allows narrow/normal/wide band and I can change the freq of each band. Otherwise I'll be forced to sell the PK1s straight on as I do not plan to buy portable amps in the future. Thx.
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Aug 6, 2008
I often run them un-amped from my iPhone 3G but the PK1s really do sound better with amplification. Even a cheap Fiio might help a lot. A few things to try in the meantime:

Try the foam covers if you haven't already. I prefer the sound of the doughnuts (deepens the sound a little), but try the full foam covers to cut more of the upper range.

You don't say what kind of DAP you've got, but I prefer the "Dark" EQ with the PK1 unamped from the iPhone. It starts at +6db at 32hz, slopes down to flat at 250, slight bump (~+3db) at 500 and 1k, then slopes down again to about -5db by 16k.

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