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Please suggest some Ear Buds for 20-25$?

  1. hitme987
    My friend needs some good suggestions for ear buds in price range 20-25$.
    He doesnt like the IEM types, he wants the apple type without ear tip type ear phones. He says that he is allergic to deep insertion IEMs. Hell, he says my TF 10 SQ sucks and his apple ear buds are better (ROFL), he didnt like any of my gear (R-50, MH1C, M6, S6, R1) due to the in-ear insertion type.
    So, any ear buds that have reasonable build quality and good SQ in that type? Its hard to find something in that style, but hope you head-fiers got some suggestions for my weird friend.
  2. JK1
    See if you can find the Sennheiser MX580 at a decent price.
  3. hitme987
    Wow, never though senheiser would make one of these, thanks for the suggestion JK1. Its coming for me around 27$ which is acceptable.
    Any more suggestions could be appreciated!
  4. JK1
    Be careful though as there are plenty of fakes around in Asia. Buy only from a dealer you know you can trust.
  5. derberts
  6. hitme987
    I already own MH1, My friend needs apple ear phones type ear buds, without using ear tips. He doesnt like any of my inventory for some odd reason ..he says he get a lot of pain wearing these IEMs, gave him a lot of tips to play around, sony hybrids, double, triple flanges..He might like comply but his budget isnt that good..
    I thought of buying from ebay..This comment might hold me off, I will try visiting my local senheiser showroom and see if they have this.. Any online trust worthy retailers for this out there?
    Any other ones that click on your mind?

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