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Please share your whole night long set up fo sleeping

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by rudi0504, Dec 20, 2016.
  1. rudi0504
    My whole night long set up

    Sony ZX2

    Pre amp:
    Shozy Magic

    LZio HAV 5+ by Vic John

    Sony ZX2 > Shozy Magic i use VentureCraft LE IC

    Shony magic > LZio HAV 5+ i use DIY
    Frm my Hkg Friend.

    VE Monk+ Darth by Wild Lee

    Sound Quality:
    I choose best detail and clarity during my sleep
    And i turn the volume very minimal to avood hearing problem.

    Almost every night i hear music with my set up either stand alone DAPs like:

    Ak DAPs:
    ak 100 mk1 and mk2, ak 100 Ii, ak 120 iI
    Seldom use ak high end DAPs like
    Ak 240 ss amd ak 380 cu

    Sony DAps:
    Sony Zx 1; Zx 2 and PCM D100

    Valog Soundroid

    Cowon Plenue D

    XDuoo X2 and X3

    As amps i add:

    Shozy magic amp
    Kojo Km 01 Brass amp
    Mass kobo 395
    And many more portable Amps where have long battery life

    Mostly i use cheap and great Earbuds like

    VE Monk and Monk+ series
    VE Asura
    Kazenoka Yin Yang v1 and v2
    ELi bud v1
    DIY Hashar Aas Golden and Blue Red MBois Earbuds

    IEMs i use that fit inside my ears canal like:

    Shure Se 215
    Westone Um 3 Pro
    Wesone W3
    Earsonic Sm 64 v2
    PAI audii MR 2 and MR 3 and DR1
    ME 2 and ME 5

    I never use expensive CIEMs for sleeping and




  2. richie60
    Can't you sleep without constant noise? I can understand falling asleep to some music but not all night.

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