Please recommend me some headphones
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Jul 10, 2009
Last week my second Koss PP was broken, so I decide to change a new one.

I like Rock, POP, and R&B music, so a good bass is necessary.

The headphone will be used with a Philip portable device (or maybe other portable device) mainly outdoors, like walking, on the metro, or shopping. I don’t wanna buy an amp.

The budget is up to $200.

A cool figure will be better.

Hope you can give me some directions, Thank you very much.
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Ultrasone HFI 780, insane bass.
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Originally Posted by Gbjerke /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Ultrasone HFI 780, insane bass.

Thanks for your reply.

I know that one, it's really cool, but I think it's to BIG to carry out.
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I think the #1 answer you're going to get is "search before you post" want something easy-to-drive (low impedance, high sensitivity) that's good for rock & similar stuff.

Lots of people like Grados for rock...that's assuming you don't mind an open headphone. $200 is enough for the commonly-identified "sweet spot" in the Grado lineup, the sr225, but you're probably better off starting with the sr60 or Alessandro MS-1 (which is made by Grado, and a lot of people here think is a really good deal).
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I readed many pages of posts, both in this form and in the IEM form. I bought monster turbine last week, but compared with headphone, I still prefer headphone. So if there is a good choice for headphones, I will refund it.

Thanks for both of your reply, I will consider all your suggestions.

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