Please recommend me some headphones and an amplifier...
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New Head-Fier
Oct 19, 2013
Hello Guys,
I am not knowledgeable in the world of headphones, so would appreciate advise from anyone who would like to offer.
I am looking for possible combinations for a set of over the ear open backed headphones and amplifier to use at home, hooked up to Roksan Caspian cd player, whilst sitting in my listening chair.
My musical preference includes the likes of Massive Attack ,Trent Reznor....and anything Neil Young.
I appreciate a nice bit of low end although not your boomy stuff, but low bass does excite me!!!
My budget is £2000 to include headphones and amplifier....
kind regards
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Aug 8, 2013
I would go with HE-500 (or maybe HE-560, but HE-500 are on 'sale') for that occasion (maybe with their amp 200-250$ amp)
I'm posting it because for me the only sense of bying HE-500 is the case when you just buy them and forget about the rest.
Like for me they are not that good to pay 3x the price [europ here] of HD600 (I've posted comparison of them); but HD600 has not much of low bass.
But say if you consider blisfull ignorance that follows when you start from a lower point (not for instance K701,D2000, etc) the extra payment is worth the deal (I mean you get the mindset of having one of the best phones for general purpose listening, and not having to cope with 'bad recordings').
I sold my HD600, after having the HE500, where I've sold them recently (after like after 3 months); but I'm more playing with audio equpment, than searching final reference or something like that (currently I own HD800, but I don't listen to them very often).
PS: For the rest [and instead of amp] I would buy one of those mini [small] pc with no [quite] ventilator + Asus STX or STU, and dump those cds to files :), HE-500 are even nicer with some really small EQ'ing

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