Please recommend a portable AMP with TREBLE BOOST
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Aug 13, 2019
I just bought a set of CIEMs: the M-Fidelity SA-43. I currently am running them off a Fiio A5 amp. To my ears, the treble of the SA-43 is SEVERELY low. Particularly on the upper end of the high frequency range. Things like cymbals are super muted. Other than this problem, they sound good. I use them for DJing, so my sound source is a Pioneer DJ mixer.

I'm hoping an amp upgrade will improve the situation. My price range is $200-$600. The requirements I have for the amp are:

-Treble boost switch or knob
-Portable enough to carry in my pocket
-Moderate to high output

I have no need of a DAC, although I don't mind getting one if that is my best option. My signal chain is all analog. I just need a simple amp that will give me a nice sound with boosted treble. Thank you.

By the way, there is no way to use the DJ mixer to EQ the sound in my headphones separately from what the audience hears. So, no EQing is available from my sound source.
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I don't know of any stand alone amp that gives treble boost, however the dac/amp combo fiio e17k does this - i don't know how your pioneer dj mixer would work in conjunction with it though.
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I've looked into it and found a few -

Vorzuge Vorzamp Duo


Go Vibe Vulcan+

The Vorzamp, based on reviews I've read, seems to be the most attractive one. It costs, of course, twice as much as the others :) Anyone have any thoughts on these amps or on other options?

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