Please help with choosing portable headphone.
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Mar 12, 2013
Hi guys, first of all, I have searched through most of the related posts on this forum and I've narrowed it down to: 
1. Koss pro dj100 Tony Benette + m50 pads
2. Ultrasone 450
3. AKG K450. 
Music I listen to are: pop rock, dubstep, classical, new age and some occasional Chinese folk instruments...
I'll mainly be using it for out on the street or when I'm flying, so portability and comfort is very important to me. The device I use are Nokia Lumia 920 and my notebook; with some occasional game play at home. 
I'm almost very drawn to the dj100, but at its final cost, I'm just not sure if it's the best money-for-value choice here.(and also because I don't know how "big" the ear-cups are)
If anyone has any advices? thanks! 
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I'm so glad somebody else has the Lumia 920. Such an underrated phone. If they just put instagram on there it would be perfect! Now about the headphones go with the dj100s. They look cool and are a great sound for the money.
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Yeah, been a fan of Nokia all my life, never switched to any other phone, except the first apple when they came out, give up that toy after 3 days...I'm glad to meet another Lumia user too :) its such a great phone and a great company as well. btw, I think the instagram team is not planning to make one for the windows phone platform (they said it during the interview).
As for you advice, thanks a lot, I needed some assurance since they don't sell it here in my part of Europe. Making my order right now

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btw, I remember in a post about the pads to use with TBSE1, I think he mentioned M50 and this other velour pads? if you know which one is the better of the two? thanks!

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