Please Help -- Surround Sound for a Newly Built PC
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Feb 18, 2009
Dear Head-Fi'ers,

I've recently built an excellent PC, and paired it with an excellent monitor: the Samsung T260HD (essentially a TV with 1900x1200 resolution). There's a cable line running to the monitor to watch TV, and an HDMI from the computer to the monitor.

My goal is to have a 5.1 set up where I can use the sound system with the computer, AND watch television without having to turn on the computer. This is proving to be a challenge! My budget is about $300. I was thinking of getting the Energy Take Classic 5.1 as my speakers/sub.

1) How can I connect a theater system like the Energy Take Classic to my computer as well as my TV-monitor, so that I can use both independently (i.e., not have to turn on the computer to watch TV)?
-My motherboard (Asus P6T Deluxe V2) has coax and optical out. My Radeon 4890 graphics has HDMI-out, and 7.1 channel processing. My TV/Monitor has optical out.

2) The Energy Take Classic looks like it requires an amp. Do I need to buy an amp, or can a sound card somehow remedy this? (I'm sorry if this is a n00b question, but I really don't know...)

3) Do I need to buy a receiver and amp, or a separate sound card, or both, in order to achieve my goal?

4) Any recommendations on which sound card/ receiver/ amp to get?

Thanks so much!
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1) You need a av amplifier
2) You need a av amplifier, soundcard outputs are line level
3) You need a av amplifier, and audio out either onboard or from dedicated sc

For your budget, I'd look into stereo.

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