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Please help me upgrade from a pair of CX400s!

  1. qpop
    Hi guys

    Spent the last while reading up on here, and on the av forums, trying to work out what IEM's to upgrade to.

    Been rocking Sennheiser CX400s for the last 2 years or so - Bought for £50, loved them, felt like a real upgrade from the PX100's I owned previously.

    Previous headphones: CX400 <- PX100 <- CX300 <- MX500 <- crappy bundled headphones
    Current Equipment: HTC Desire Z, Cowon iAudio S9 (gathering dust at the moment but some new headphones might re-ignite my love for it!)

    Budget £100 ABSOLUTE MAX - ideally less.

    So, the situation is: My poor old Sennheiser CX400s have been through the washing machine 3x now, and are starting to come apart... I appreciate that they're not particularly audiophile-esque but they've served me well. As you can see from the list above I pretty much have only owned Sennheisers.

    The kind of music I listen to:
    These are an example of some of the albums on my phone, a typical example of music I listen to:
    Justice - Cross
    Nitin Sawhney - All Mixed Up
    Braintax - Biro Funk
    Biffy Clyro - Blackened Sky
    Elbow - Build a Rocket Boys
    Plan B - Defamation of Strickland Banks/Who needs actions when you have words
    Nine Inch Nails - Downward Spiral/With Teeth
    Chase and Status - No More Idols/More than A Lot
    Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur
    At the Drive In - Relationship of Command
    Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly
    A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms
    Yo-Yo-Ma - Bach Cello Suites

    As you can see, fairly eclectic. I would describe myself as a "bass-appreciator" rather than a bass-head! But bass is important to me...

    So far I've been looking around and have thought about...

    "portable headphones" - decided against due to size/looking a bit silly! - also I like to run/weightlift, and IEMs have always served me better in this.

    Etymotic xx - no bass/aneimic bass/accurate bass - none of these terms appeal.
    Klipsch S4 - sounds quite exciting, but not much of an upgrade from CX400s? - put off by the idea of sibilance
    Westone 1 - Top end of price range but apparently worth a look
    Shure SE215 - from the first impressions thread these sound like they might be perfect, but priced prohibitively at £99!!! (especially when you can pick them up for $80 stateside :frowning2: )

    So guys, for someone who really *does* appreciate hiphop, but also has an ear for a lot of other music, please recommend me a decent upgrade for the poor old abused CX400s I've been lugging around. :)
  2. blackz88
    Brainwavz M3
  3. qpop
    I've not heard of those, a quick google doesn't give me many sources to purchase from (I'm in the UK) - any breakdown of what they're like at all?

    Any more ideas / help ? :)

  4. qpop
    It seems that whilst the Shure SE215 are just coming into stores in the UK, at £100, they're also selling Shure SE315s at £140 - which I could stretch to if I thought it would be worth it!

    The bass is important to me, I like the look of Shure's, are they worth while? Or would I be better served by, say, Monster Turbines or similar?

  5. dweaver
    The SE215 is a very nice IEM, it has not quite as much bass as the Monster Turbines but it still has a lot of bass and more importantly it has better quality bass. Beyong bass though is has a better midrange, better treble, better sound stage, better detail, better build design and quality, better cables, better comfort etc.It is well worth the price.
    I would take the SE215 it over the SE315 myself as dynamic IEM's are better at bass than BA based IEM's.
  6. qpop
    Well based on what I've read on the SE215 thread I've gone for a pair, clear, from theheadphonecompany.co.uk. I'll report back!!! Cheers guys
  7. davidcotton
    They'll be fine for delivery, nice and quick even with the free delivery.

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