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Please help me find new iems!!!

  1. avocadobeats123
    Ok so my Rockit Sounds R-50 iems have died (sound went out in right ear.) I loved them but now i need some help finding replacement iems. My budget is $30 (i am ok with spending up to $50 but only if it is really worth it.) I would like dynamic iems with a good amount and quality bass, good clarity and instrument separation. I listen to alternative, rock, hip hop, and jazz. Thank you.
  2. dBz-
    JVC Xtreme Xplosives / Sony MH1
  3. fuzzyash
    look up the sony mh1
    seems like they're a good deal, but the price is constantly rising so better to buy it asap if you want them
  4. ZARIM
    The Sony EX310, JVC FX3X, Panasonic HJE450 and CX500 are great buy under this budget and they all offers good punchy bass.

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