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Please help me choose some new earphones & headphone amp!

  1. burnside
    First post and would appreciate any help!  I work at my computer for a few hours at night and wear my headphones to not bother the sleeping baby in the house!  I have been using my Bose Around the Ear headphones but have felt discomfort with them when wearing my reading glasses.  Since they surround my ears, the also press up against my light frame glasses which then shift off my nose.  I am thinking smaller headphones, on the ear models, would feel much better.
    I see pretty good reviews for the Sennheiser PX200ii.  I like the price of them a lot.  I know that the Grado sr80i is popular, but I feel they may be too large and press up against the frames of my glasses like my Bose headphones.  What would you guys recommend?  I do not want to spend more than $100, might go a little over $100 if the headphones are that great.
    Also, I'm thinking the sound from my PC's soundcard is pretty cheap.  Do any of you recommend a headphones amp I can connect to my PC?  I see a lot of reviews for Fiio amps, but don't know which one would be best for PC use with headphones.
    Thanks for any help!

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