Please help! E5c's broken?
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Feb 1, 2005
I just bought a used pair of E5c's, and not even a week later they seem to be broken. Here's what happens:

The left ear-bud only plays faintly and lacks treble. So, it seems as though either one of the wires running to it, or the treble driver itself on the left ear-bud is not working properly. Assuming they are run in parallel, the higher impedence might explain why the output is now so low, since of course output is related to impedence.

Regardless, has anyone ever had this happen before? Is it possible to repair E5c's? I would never take them apart because everything is simply too small for me to know where to start, despite a modest micro-electronics background.

For all I know it could be in the jack, the earbud, or any of the wires in between.

Since I bought them used, will Shure repair them for me?

I am really upset that I just dished out cash for these, even if they were used, and they worked for about a week before taking a crap on me. If anyone has any advice/experience with such a problem I would really appreciate your help. Thanks...
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sounds like a problem with the headpone jack to me.

i have never heard of anything like this with the e5c's. when i had my e5c's i never had a single problem with them.

just know if it's a problem with the e5c's, shure will most likely gladly replace them with a new pair.

let us know what happens.
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Could be the jack, could be the driver, could be the seal.

I notice that when I first started using tri flanges that the stalk was too long and the opening of the hole actually was against my ear canal. So it sounded like pretty much you described. I trimmed em and now I love em.

You might want to consider contacting Shure Support. They are pretty good.
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For whatever reason, after letting them sit for a few hours, now they work perfect again... really strange.

I wonder if I should just wait until they act up again to contact Shure or if I can tell them there is a problem that has gone away. Any thoughts?
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Let me guess: did the problems occur right after you cleaned an earpiece?
Water is running into the earphones, which causes this. Took me a few weeks to figure out what was going on
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Originally Posted by jerb
call up shure (or email them) and send them in for a replacement, this way you can get back to enjoying your music worry free

Call them. Their e-mail response is almost nonexistent. It took me 8 days to get a response
. I got tired of waiting so I just called them and got someone on the phone in a few minutes.

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