Please compare SuperFi 5vi / TripleFi 10
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Dec 4, 2007
After all these years, I found my IEM signature. It is hands down, Ultimate Ears. I picked up the SuperFi 5vi for my iPhone today, and I have never been so pleased with an IEM. I don't listen to classical, but I heard it on these, and I was in awe of how beautiful it was. Almost everything sounds good. It has nice crisp highs, and not bass heavy in the slightest. And the soundstage is the best I've ever heard in an IEM. I am happy with them so far. I love the way acoustic guitars sound on here, and they sound like magic coming from my Apogee duet amp. There is a great balance of clarity and bass, and over all sound. It's a 3D experience. So I have to ask... how much better is the TripleFi 10?

Does the TripleFi have an equal to, or wider soundstage? What are the differences? Does it have that 3D effect? Does the TripleFi have more bass? If so, does it veil anything? Does the TripleFi retain the characteristics of the SuperFi 5? Please tell me how they compare to one another. I'm finding these better than the Shure SE530.

BTW, I use the the soft grey foamy tips that it came with. Very comfortable!

Is there any burn-in required for these?

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