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Playstation Gold Wireless Headset

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by obsidyen, May 5, 2014.
  1. obsidyen
    Not audiophile stuff, but these headphones sound pretty good for 99 dollars. I bought them to use with Playstation 4 at night for games and movies. I couldn't resist to listen to some music with them though. I connected them to Meridian Explorer via included 3.5mm cable.
    Not very good for acoustic, live music. However they sound surprisingly good for electronic music. Solid bass with great impact and fullness.Dubstep sounds particularly good. Even Kraftwerk's Radioactivity sounds a lot better than it does on AKG Q701s for instance, on which it sounded really thin and harsh (thankfully I finally sold Q701s and will buy decent open backs).
    For gaming and movies, great headphones. They can be used wireless with Playstation 4. Sony seems to have used a propriety wireless connection as there's no bluetooth. Headphones also have virtual surround when used with PS4. The design is quite simple but much more pleasing to my eyes than many audiophile headphones. The material used is not very high quality though.
    Recommended for gaming, movies, electronic/bass music.
  2. JamesHuntington
    Got some today for 66$ at good will, brand new. I agree with your assessment and that they are not audiophile. They sound alright hooked up to the ipod. I haven't hooked them up to the tv yet. The ability to hook these up wired is awesome, especially for the kids now on a budget who need an all a rounder for gaming and taking out. The pads are very nice. They're not heavy or bad looking.
  3. felipou
    Any idea how these would compare to a Sennheiser HD 449 for gaming and movies?

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