Players under $100 with a card slot and 40+ hours battery life?
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Oct 12, 2003
The closest I have found to this is the Cowon M2, however it seems to have a low limit for the max database size, and has a semi proprietary connector. It is also $160. I guess some will suggest using a no contract phone. These often have limited functionality as a music player. While there might be some Android apps which increase functionality, the question then becomes how well they interact with each other. I was told Rockbox is being developed for Android, however it isn't really stable yet. It is also not that easy to determine what battery life for playing music would be for each phone.I also wonder about how well things like database browsing is implemented on phones, and how large(number of files) can their databases support. I also wonder about power output for the phones. 
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3 sansa clip 4giga ^_^.

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