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Jun 29, 2012
I own an upgraded Shanling SCDT200 & AGD Ref 7 DAC. My player only has one digital ouput (SPDIF). I believe no matter how good is my DAC but if it's fed with a poor input it still not optimum. With the help from Glen ( I asked him to upgrade the SCDT200's two servo boards wth two AGD active clocks. He took out the 2 xtals from SCDT200's original servo boards (1 on SACD board & 1 on CD board) and installed the 2 clocks. Result : better sound quality. Sound becomes more liquid/ denser, more rounded/ less edgess (I listen to piano sound), darker back ground. The clocks assits the servo board's DAC to process datas more correctly in time. The active cloks are like the heart of a cd player and the DAC is like the brain.
       I also replaced SCDT200's 6 IC opamps (2 final audio opamps & 4 I/V opamps) with descrete opamps (Audio-GD also makes it). Result: sound becomes more open & closer, more lows, highs more open, better soundstage/ more air.
Jonatan Sutrisna
Melbourne, Australia

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