Places to audition headphones in Michigan?
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Apr 6, 2009
Does anyone know of any specialty stores or anything? I think a Canjam or a meet would be a lot of fun to go to, but as a 17 year old in northern Michigan, I can't really go very far. As far as the gear I want to look at, I mostly want to try out headphones in the $150-$250 range. If worst comes to worst, I might just have to buy from the FS forum, try them for a while, and sell them back. Hopefully there is some place I can go though.
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Northern Michigan is pretty big territory. Your best bet will be to look for shops in Traverse City. I don't believe Gaylord or Big Rapids have a store with head phones. I'm in Grand Rapids and I don't believe there is a shop here with cans to audition.

Starting with a pair of headphones from the for sale forum is a great way to start. It's how I began my journey here.
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Yeah I'm also not finding anything either after doing a fair amount of searching. Anyways if I go the FS forum route, I run into another problem. The problem is mostly that I doubt that most people would trust someone with no buyer or seller rating. I suppose the solution that I'll have to start on would be buying or selling some stuff.
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As long as you have a pay pal account that is probably not that big of an issue. Spend some time searching for the headphone that will work best for you. If you don't find it, try a WTB (wanted to buy) thread in the for sale forums. I happened to start with a pair of Grado SR225s bought from another head-fier that I think was your age at the time of the sale. Just be honest, make sure you hold up your end (responsibility) for good communication and give it a try.

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