Pioneer's First Portable Amp XPA-700

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by edric li, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Edmond40
    I did use apple lightning cable connect with pioneer xpa700 USB port. It can connect with my iPhone 6 Plus but only up sampling to 48kHz and can't up sampling to 96, 192 or5.6M. I am questioning if we insist up sampling to 96' 192 or 5.6M we have to use camera kit to micro usb ?
  2. raulromanjr
    Does any one know if this DAC/AMP can be fed from a Walkman's digital out?
  3. talan7
    Ok so I picked up the shure se846 and forza copper series cable balanced rosa/alo and it sounds awesome. I want to get some balanced cables for my flc8s
  4. RIQUE
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7. Will it be able to feed the amp with a micro OTG or is this amp not made for Android phones?
  5. rhull1973
    Hello. Considering buying one of these but a few questions on the cables needed. I'll be using it with an iPhone 6. A few posts back i noticed that only the included usb cables seem to work. Does the item come with a lightning to usb cable? If not I assume a standard lightning cable will work given that lightning iPhones are listed as compatible. Also, will it only upsample to 48 over the usb a port if connected to an iPhone? Thanks!
  6. faisal2003456
    How much was the cable? I can't seem to find a reasonably priced ALO to 4-pin XLR adapter.
    EDIT: Nevermind. Found one for $30 on ebay. It's much easier to find cabels that terminate in XLR rather than ALO/RSA. Still not sure if I am going to get the XPA-700 as a portable solution, but I am leaning towards it.
  7. talan7
  8. rhull1973
    Bought the same adaptor on eBay. Picked up a xpa-700 on eBay also. Looking forward to it.
  9. talan7
    I have the xdp100r as source feeding into xpa700. I'm using se846 with forza copper series cable balanced. This setup can't be beat. Now I'm just waiting on tidal to start MQA.
  10. talan7
    Is there a firmware update for the 700?
  11. rhull1973
    Got mine today off of eBay. Really happy so far. Didn't realize the battery appears to be replaceable. At least a page in the manual indicates so. Not sure if the battery is fairly standard?
  12. rhull1973
    I had a quick question on the bit depth light. When I connect the unit to my mac the light is red for 24 bit or green for 32. In audio midi setup these are the only 2 options available. When I connect the unit to my squeezebox touch the sampling frequency light is accurate, but I do not get the bit depth light to turn on when playing 24 bit files. Is this typical?
  13. rhull1973
  14. talan7

    What are the updates? Is sound quality affected?
  15. rhull1973
    Not sure what the changes are. Mine was on 1.0.1. Updated easily using the OS X updater.
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