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Pioneer's First Hi-End Headphones: SE-Master 1

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by edric li, Apr 28, 2015.
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  1. Edric Li
    Known for its DJ products, Japanese manufacturer Pioneer is about to join the game!
    The SE-Master 1 is priced at 259,000 JPY / 2,000 euros. 
    50mm dynamic drivers;
    1500mW maximum input;
    45 ohms impedence;
    94dB sensitivity;
    5Hz - 85,000Hz frequency response.
    More pics & details can be found: 
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  2. Xymordos
    Interesting ceramic plated drivers
  3. 1c3d0g
    Awesome. Looking at the preliminary specs, it initially looks like an open-back metal Fostex TH900. A win in my book, if this comes to fruition (Pioneer getting bought by Onkyo does not inspire any kind of confidence, IMO).
  4. gurus
  5. Edric Li
    So basically Onkyo, Teac and Pioneer are the same thing now? 
    I didn't know that :/
  6. gurus
    First review of the SE- Master 1.  Should give the big boys of Headphones something to think about if the reviewer has got it right. Finally a HP designed from the ground up and using new technology/materials.
  7. seeteeyou
    250K yen / 2000€ Pioneer SE-MASTER1 with 50-mm drivers
  8. takato14
    I'm buying this the very second it's available. If this is anything like the old Master line it's going to be ******* incredible.
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  9. wnmnkh Contributor
    I am not so sure.
    I really hate companies jumping into high-end headphones wagon with gigantic price-tag, but more often time not with the sound quality that deserves such price-tag.
    I mean, people who engineered Pioneer's old Master series are probably gone from the company at this point. I really doubt they would be sound anything good.
    .....I guess I am super cynical now..
  10. takato14
    The transducer appears to have some of the same design merits from the Master-1S and Monitor 10-II (1983). We'll see. I just know I'm definitely buying one.
  11. wnmnkh Contributor
    I see. Now this got my interest....
    It seems it will be released very soon (5/15).
    And it is also quite heavy for dynamic (460g)... almost same as LCD-2.
  12. gurus

    So have you ordered one? It's being released this Friday and is open for pre-order.
  13. alpha80
    I hope these really deliver.  And I've been a fan of all sorts of Pioneer products since a teenager.  Still hung onto my DVJ-1000.  Hopefully the buyout didn't have any detrimental effects on their pro/audiophile leadership.
  14. luberconn
    they aren't really "just a company".  they are a company with a long history of audio equipment ranging from low end to high end.  i believe they have the resources to make something really really good.  hopefully they do not let the headphone enthusiasts down.  there are a few people with the Pioneer IEMs that seem to really like them....i don't know if they are a rebrand or who makes them....
  15. gurus
    Frequency graph for the SE-Master1





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